Taking my slice of toast to the dictionary…on gmo’s

Dec 4, ’11

Well this morning I decided to see just what I might be having in a good old morning slice of toast … so I listed a few of the ingredients found my loaf of bread distributed in a well known grocery store …

Soy lecithin, ammonium sulfate, calcium sulfate, azodicabronamide, datem, calcium peroxide, ethoxylated mono and diglycerides, sodium stearoyl lactylate, calcium steroidal- 2lactylate, monoglycerides, calcium iodate, ethoxylated monoxalcium phosphate,

And I wondered what happened to the simple combination of ingredients found in a loaf of bread ..  those basic
ingredients  Mother Earth’s supplied for the making of Her dandiest tasting sort of breads …

Although I was so very happy to find out that my toast didn’t have L-cysteine which is said to be a Common Ingredient In Commercial Bread Is Made From Human Hair – Harvested In China..


But I did find over 25 other ingredients … and none of them I would classify as an original or one of the simplest of that which Mother Earth gave Her people to enjoy …

First of all nearly everything originates now-a-day from a “genetically modified food product” ..

So we are already starting with food products being distributed which are derived from foods that have been specifically changed of their God given DNA by a diabolical process of genetic engineering techniques …

Such a process also referred HERE to as  mutagenesis (mutation breeding) where an organism is exposed to radiation or chemicals to create a non-specific but stable and change ….

And things only go down hill from here … because every food product just as a loaf of bread …. which is made from the ingredients produce from genetically modified food products …  is in itself has become a genetically modified loaf of bread …


Yet added to this food horror showing of listed products … are the added ingredients which would be harmful to the human body even if they were not sinfully modified …

Nevertheless … I studied the soy lecithin ingredient added to the bread … and found HERE … that the Origin of this ingredient to be as so;…

“To solve the problem of disposing of the gummy waste residual generated from the (genetically modified organisms ) soy oil refining process, German companies patented a process of vacuum drying the sludge to make soybean lecithin. Although lecithin originally had many uses, today soy lecithin is used as an emulsifier in foods and infant formulas and also as a health supplement. … then I thought ? …. what happen to the good old fashion use of eggs ?


After that I considered the ingredient Ammonium Sulfate … and found HERE that this ingredient to be a two-in-one fertilizer and one of the oldest solid forms of fertilizer in use ….

Then HERE a list of most common uses for ammonium sulfate also included it as a fertilizer, agricultural spray adjuvant, a food additive, and a flame retardant …

Then HERE … Ammonium Sulfate is said to be a white rhombus crystal with no smell but tastes salty … then I thought ? …. what happen to the good old fashion use of table salt ? …


Now as my morning toast grows ever more distasteful … I looked up the Calcium sulfate ingredient in the bread … and found HERE that it was a common laboratory and industrial chemical … and HERE that Calcium sulfate may be used in foods as an anti-foaming agent, a preservative, and a leavening, firming and anti-caking agent … then I thought ? …. what happen to the use of the good old leavening agent of backing soda ?


Now looking at my toast with one eye brow up … and thinking how it was from the only loaf of bread in the house … and how money is so short … I’m considering finishing the toast … but definitely looking more cautiously at ingredients on the next loaf of bread I might buy … and too consider other options I might have …


Then I decided to look up one more ingredient … and that was azodicarbonamide … this search took me to an article posted in 2009 HERE … and I notice how this article was saying some of the same things I started out saying in the write of my post …

Q: Why is it in my bread?
According to Mark Rubi, the former baker and owner of The Lick Skillet Bakery in Boulder, Colorado, the answer is “I don’t know.” He says, “The necessary ingredients in bread are pretty basic. You need flour, water, yeast, and salt for sure. And then maybe add a little olive oil for dough consistency and a little sugar to get the yeast going. Anything else you add should just be for flavoring.” He goes on to add, “It’s strange, I look at the commercial breads available these days and the ingredient lists are scary. Take fast food, for example, the typical bun at a fast food burger chain has 20 or more chemicals in addition to the main ingredients! Is this really something I want to be eating?” ..

Also this noted article explained that the  azodicarbonamide ingredient is a chemical whose primary use is “in the production of foamed plastics.” In the United States it is also used as a food additive and flour bleaching agent …

Well now … I’ve looked up 5 of the unnecessary and harmful ingredients in our breads … breads which are being distributed in our grocery stores all over the U.S. … and I consider the conspiracy is not theory …

Somebody has targeted humanity for extinction … and the hidden faces of our government seems to be the diabolical culprit …

They have kept consciousness so dumb down and chasing the illusion of the American Dream … it seems humanity never saw it’s own genocide plan coming …

All I can say is I thank the Creator for Divine Intervention … and I give thanks to the Creator for Occupy

Let all things be done decently and in order
First in peace … meeting the spiritual force of resistance with the spiritual force of resistance.  Knowing that the forces of good and righteousness in the
Positive Love for the people will prevail

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