Whitley Strieber has encounter with Black Eyed Children

Whitley Strieber has encounter with Black Eyed Children
Whitley Strieber has encounter with Black Eyed Children

An article posted on July 3, 2012, at WhoForted.com asks, “Have you invited any Black Eyed Children into your home?” After reading about these little darlings you’re almost inclined to extend the invitation just to see what happens. But Whitley Strieber says you’ll be sorry if you do. These sinister creatures are from another plane of existence and their intentions are pure evil.

Who Forted magazine describes Black Eyed Children (BEC) as follows:

“BECs have, as the name implies, black eyes, completely void of color or light. No pupils, no irises, just dead-looking black eyes. In fact, some witnesses say their eyes seem to be bottomless pools of blackness.

These children, typically between the ages of 8 and 16, have very pale skin, some people say it even looks plastic, or artificial, but other than that they look like normal children. Witnesses say they either dress in drab clothes, generally blue jeans and a hoodie, or they wear very old-fashioned, handmade clothing, similar to what Amish people wear.

Sometimes they travel in pairs, sometimes in groups and sometimes you’ll see just one. Regardless, these BECs seem to evoke an instant feeling of terror. Not just suspicion or even fear. But pure, gut-wrenching…mind-numbing terror.”

In an interview with David Weatherly, the author of the book, “Black Eyed Children”, Whitley Strieber recounted his own personal experience with a Black Eyed Kid.

According to Strieber it began with a series of paranormal experiences approximately one week before he actually encountered the child. He heard strange drilling sounds coming from underneath his cabin, a neighbor, visiting Strieber’s house, suddenly had blood shooting out of his forehead, and a friend of Strieber’s young son experienced a gushing nosebleed in both nostrils.

Over the next week, these strange events kept happening and on a Saturday afternoon, while his son was out on the front porch, the boy suddenly called Strieber to come outside, sounding rather panicked.

Strieber rushed to the porch and there in the yard was a young boy, approximately 10-12 years of age, sitting astride a bicycle. The boy was very white, says Strieber, almost as if someone had painted his skin with white paint. And he had very dark, black eyes.

The boy just sat there, glaring at Strieber, and he didn’t say a word. Strieber soon noticed that the boy was wearing a shirt covered with knife blades. Thinking it was one of the neighborhood children just pulling some kind of prank, Strieber started to approach the Black Eyed Child.

The child quickly rode off on his bike and disappeared from sight, even though there was nowhere for him to go because the house was situated on a cul-de-sac.

Strieber says for the next few nights he experienced an awful sense of dread.

According to Weatherly, this feeling of overwhelming terror or impending doom is a common reaction when Black Eyed Children are in the vicinity. The seemingly impossible disappearance of the child is also a common report, which leads Weatherly and Strieber to believe these children may be some type of inter-dimensional being, able to travel from one plane to the next in the blink of an eye.

Strieber had a second encounter approximately four years later, in 1995. This time Strieber was taking a nap. From the bedroom there were a set of French doors that led out into the yard. Strieber says he heard someone say they were going to kidnap him. At first, he thought it was a dream and then he realized he was actually awake.

Springing from bed he rushed out the French doors and surprised two beings lurking outside the door. The first was a man dressed all in black. The other was a much smaller figure, the size of a child. He, too was dressed in black, but he also had completely dead black eyes.

Both figures dashed out to the street to a waiting black Mustang, jumped in the car and sped away.

What do these Black Eyed Children want?

Well, first of all, Strieber and Weatherly agree that they may not really be children. These beings from another dimension may just be presenting themselves in the form of children because we’ll be more inclined to invite a child into our home than we will an adult or alien being.

Most witnesses report that the children are asking to be let in the home or let into the car. They don’t try to enter but they try to persuade you to issue an invitation. Strieber believes if they are interlopers from another dimension, it may be that they can’t stay here unless we invite them to stay. Maybe, says Strieber, they’re not asking to be invited into our physical homes, maybe they just want us to invite them so they can stick around this dimension.

Regardless of why they’re looking for an open invitation, Strieber and Weatherly both report that after the Black Eyed Children disappear, witnesses experience a severe run of bad luck and negative energy. And those reports come from people who did not invite the children in. So it’s easy to imagine just what might happen if you did reach out and extend an invitation. The possibilities are just too scary to even imagine.

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