Harmonic Convergence Group Intention, August 2012 Global Meditation Broadcast

During this week Aug 17-20th we will be completing the 26 year cycle of the Harmonic Convergence… this was the name given to the world’s first globally synchronized meditation that occurred on August 16-17, 1987. The timing closely correlated to an exceptional alignment of planets in our solar system with the final year of the Mayan Calendar.

The Harmonic Convergence ushered in the final period of Earth’s “cleansing”, where many of the planet’s “false structures of separation” would collapse. This rare astrological alignment that occurred during August 1987 indicated a “major energy shift” was being activated that would be a turning point in Earth’s collective karma and darma.

This energy shift was predicted to be powerful enough to change the global perspective of humanity from one of war and conflict, into one of harmony and peaceful cooperation. We are engaged in fulfilling this global shift the entire year of 2012, and are working together to alter the course of humanity into a loving global community by Dec. 21st, the last day of the Mayan Calendar.

There are certain Power centers around the world that people gathered to participate in the Harmonic Convergence, such as Mount Shasta, California, and Mount Fuji where the spiritual energy is particularly strong. The belief is that if 144,000 people assembled at these power centers and meditated for peace, then the arrival of the new era would be achieved.

I was called to move up to Mt Shasta this month so I could commune with the Masters and secure the Harmonics into the grid system, the root chakra of Gaia. We are preparing for the birthing of the New Earth on Dec. 22nd. Many StarSeeds are coming here physically or working remotely on the fulfillment of the Harmonic Convergence this week. Not only are we working on healing all disconnection within our human psyche and energetic field, but we are also involved in a global shift in consciousness.

So how do we get more involved with shifting and changing our personal reality, as well as our collective reality during this powerful year of change? We need to identify and clear all patterns, programs and operating systems that have been projected in that are not of our origin. This will then open up access to heal and transform all personal ego shadow, so we can become whole, balanced, healthy human beings. To achieve this we need to better understand the nature of our bio-energetic system…

We clearly live in a universe of dense matter, and the result of polarized forces compressing in time. This forms the matter of our bodies, our planet and our galaxy. But our universe of Duality is just one in the infinite multi-verse, and is comprised of 78% Dark Matter. Only 28% of our universe exists in physical form. What scientists thought was empty space is actually a consuming force field existing in a black hole. It is clearly evident that Dark Matter is devouring everything in its reach, consuming all the stars and swirling galaxies in what is called the Great Attractor.

Due to the universal mirror phenomenon, we function as mini-microcosms of our universal macrocosm, and are also experiencing the parasitic consuming of our life force energy from dark matter. It is pervasive and devouring our Light in all areas of our reality. It manifests in our thoughts, in our emotions, in our physical bodies, in our relationships, in our creative endeavors, and in our hopes and dreams.

If we are to ascend into the higher universe of Crystalline Light, we need to rid ourselves of all polarized Dark Matter. We can achieve this by identifying and clearing out all programming, operating systems and matrices that are parasitic and destructive that are not of our origin – much has been projected inside from family, culture, religions, etc. The presence of dark matter invades all areas of life; emotional, mental, and physical parasites like candida and bacterial/viral infections.


While working with the Vortex Meditation to accelerate the clearing/purifying process, we need to install solid, impenetrable shields around our purified energy field. We need to contain and protect our inner Light with an orb of crystalline shielding around our aura, our chakra pillar, and our Inner Mind to prevent mind-control programming and psychic spying, and protect our DNA from hybrid genetic re-engineering and implants of artificial intelligence.

Once we clear out all that has been projected into our system, then we can address our personal ego shadow for healing and balancing. Due to living in a world hologram of Duality, we have both light and shadow energy in our system. When we can disengage from the control and domination of the ego self, and stay in non-judgment as best we can, it is easier to hold compassion in our heart for our more primal human self.


Keep working on dissolving any ego shadow and resistance into the powerful Christ Light to transform your energy into unity consciousness. When two energy frequencies cross and connect, the higher frequency lifts up the lower frequency into the higher vibration. This is how we can transform all inner shadow into Light, Love frequency.


Our first priority is to heal and clear ourselves so that our energy is balanced and centered, then we are strong enough to hold sacred space for our loved ones to adjust, heal and release their parasitic programming. We are the Light Bearers, and our loving intention for their ascension will lift them up as well! Together we can birth a new world free of dark matter, alive with Crystalline Light, connected to higher consciousness and filled with Love!

Loving Blessings to All,


2012 August Global Intentions Meditation Broadcast

Are you compelled to co-create a new paradigm for our planet? Do you believe we can alter the course of our future? Join

Lightworkers from all around the world in the monthly Global Intentions Meditation to create our New Earth of peace and harmony. This week we are celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence…the first organized global intention meditation to take place.

This Saturday we join together to form a group mind intention in honor of the Harmonic Convergence, in fulfillment of the original visions seeded in Love here in Mt. Shasta.

Meg Benedicte will take you on a journey to the Great Central Sun, thru the Galactic Core into the parallel Crystalline White Universe to connect with our divine OverSoul and reclaim our gifts for Ascension. As we integrate and activate the crystalline light in our energy, we will continue to adjust and reset our 2012 Global Intentions for a peaceful, loving New Earth.


Day: Saturday, August 25th 2012

Time: 11:00am PDT/ 2:00pm EST in US/Canada

Registration Fee $10

Login information will be automatically emailed upon registration. Event audio recording will be available as mp3 download at the URL you receive in automatic email. If you do not receive the email with link within an hour of registration, please grant email permission to meg@megbenedicte.com or check spam. We recommend testing the link prior to event.

Register HERE


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