The Astrology of January 2013

Published on Dec 19, 2012

For several years we have been on an astrological roller coaster ride, veering from upset to upset. Powerful and disruptive trans-formative energies poured into our lives again and again from different sources, different directions. It was all we could do to figure out what was happening from month to month. Now, we have settled into a more stable, but highly energetic astrological pattern. For the foreseeable future, monthly charts will be slight variations on the chart for the Winter Solstice/End of the Mayan Calendar. This video, about January, is also a first effort to come to terms with the meaning of this complex and subtle, but persistent structure that will be shaping our affairs for some years to come.

A more polished, written version of this analysis will be available on my blog on or about the first of January, 2013.


2 comments on “The Astrology of January 2013

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