James McCanney Science Hour May 23, 2013

from Susanrennison.com
jmccanneyscience.com, 26th May 2013

James McCanney says he believes the wild weather for the last 2 months was caused by a strong electrical connection with Saturn and he spends about 34 mins of this show talking about it including a clip from a show that did not air last week. He says the Saturn connection has gone but astrophysicist Piers Corbyn says there is worst to come…. Piers is not very often wrong… [Piers predicted tornadoes in the United States for the 3 day period, 26th to 29th and there were in fact 76 tornado’s in 10 states.] I would like to add that the recent bout of solar flares and CME’s might have added to the bumper cosmic energy supply. WHATEVER, IF YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES IN AN AREA THAT IS PRONE TO TORNADOES OR IF YOU THINK BEING HIT BY GIANT HAIL IS A PROBLEM, THEN DOWNLOAD THE FREE WEATHERACTION.com MAY LONG TERM WEATHER ADVISORY. Download WeatherAction USA May forecast with likely main threatened areas 25-29 May (.pdf) & Source link

Download File JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_23_2013.mp3

2) Streaming Version of MP3 7 meg file using real player … click on link below (will only play on “real player”)

Streaming JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_23_2013.mp3




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