Tolec speaks about Comet Ison, Xanterexx biosphere ~ Tolec Dakote

Interesting msg…at this point I’m just sitting back in a sacred, neutral space with a metaphoric bag of popcorn watching the smorgasbord of data come in with an objective eye to see how it all unfolds. Sure is becoming an interesting journey as we begin to turn the world Light-side up from aeons in the dark…Mahalo! {~A~}

From Ginger Volgers FB page:

Tolec speaks about “Comet Ison”, being actually “Xanterexx”, a biosphere headed our way with 2 escort ships . . . as a harbinger of “First Contact” and Peace –

For those who have not heard and seen Tolec’s latest info (13min video posted Sept 7th) from the Andromedian Council regarding this so called comet headed our way, I highly recommend it. I have always loved his info, even if I did not like the much longer estimated timing of when things are going to completely change, than of others. (yeah, I was not feeling as flexible and open minded last year as I am this year around this issue, lol, as patience has never been my strength)

And I find it interesting after just having listened to Cobra’s interview this week (my last post from yesterday on our website), as he states that it is just a comet. But upon further reflecting on this, Cobra’s info is supposedly coming from the Pleiadians, while Tolec’s is coming from the Andromedians . . . and it has finally occurred to me why so much channeled info can be so different or contrasting (apart from Archonians messing with and spinning it) . . . maybe it’s because each of these civilizations are somewhat like the difference between ours on Earth, and do not always communicate with each other about everything, and some not at all.

What I also liked about Tolec’s info here is about the triangular and or pyramid shape of this biosphere with escort ships, as being symbolic of Peace, I had never heard of before. But since the Illuminati/Cabal have used everywhere and in particular, on their US Federal Reserve fiat enslavement monies . . . this makes sense since they have perverted and distorted ALL sacred symbols to use energetically for their domination and control.

I really liked about what Cobra said around how the Jesuits and Vatican are now playing like they they now want to be the “good guys” (so why the new Pope declared that corporation no longer has any legal immunity as of Sept 1st . . . as a good-will negotiation with the Earth Allies, lol!). So some of the questions I had are being answered and coming to light for everyone to decide how they wish to connect the truthiness dots for themselves! – gv