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Created by Hope Moore on November 20, 2012
SALEM, MA Business & Entrepreneurs
We cant do this without your help! Please consider a donation to help keep the Fix the World Organization Running!

All of the members of the Fix the World Team have been doing this important work for the last year on a volunteer basis. In this time we’ve managed to build a Team, build a following of hundreds of thousands who support the mission to Fix our World, go on tour to promote the cause, gather 60+ planet changing projects ready to implement, create multiple dynamic web platforms to organize the administration of such a colossal task and much much more.
All of this work has been made possible as a combination of dedication on behalf of the Fix the World Team, and the support of hundreds of people who have donated to our crowdfunding campaign.

We have a lot more work to do and need your help to keep going!
Below is a description of some of our financial needs for ongoing operations to help us keep going to complete the work we have all volunteered to do. If you would like to help out you can make a one time donation, or offer a recurring monthly donation in any amount that you choose.

Donations can be made several ways:

You can donate here either one time or on a monthly recurring basis through gofundme.

You can donate via paypal either one time or on a monthly recurring basis. Click here for more information on paypal donations:

If you would like to send a donation via check or money order, please make checks payable to Cash and send to this address:
Care of: Valerie Robitaille (FTW Council Member)
P.O. Box 3321, Williamsport, PA 17701-9998

Donation money will be used on the following:

1) Financial Assistance to FTW team members in need to keep us going so we can keep doing this work. Example: sending a council member a couple of hundred dollars to help pay for food for the month, or to help with rent. Amount varies, but we would like to have an emergency “kitty” of about $1,000 a month or more.

2) Desperately needed equipment for FTW business matters. Example: We have one council member who is using a broken laptop to try to handle the workflow of an online global organization. We need $1,000 to get her a new laptop.

3) Basic monthly FTW operating expenses. These include: electric bills to keep the power on, phone bills to keep us in communication, internet bills, website hosting expenses, website maintenance expenses, office supplies, software programs needed for digital creation (movies, templates, docs, etc) These expenses are estimated to be about $2,000 per month.

Fix the World is a philanthropic organization with special access to an array of amazing projects, including new energy technology, sustainable communities, alternative cures for disease, ways to restore the local economy, and answers to food security and clean water.

This ongoing donation campaign is to help raise the monthly amounts that we need to keep going. If you would like to review our full in depth business plan and revenue plan please click thinks below as they provide a wealth of detailed information.

Fix the World Organization Business Plan March 2013

Fix the World Organization Revenue Plan April 2013

Fix the World also plans to initiate weekly briefing reports on our Truth TV Youtube channel. These reports will give updates on everything that is going on in the Fix the World Organization. It is full transparency in operations reporting to the people. Be sure to check our Truth TV Channel here:

Naima Feagin, MBA
CEO and Founder
Fix the World Organization