others Stop the illegal dumping of toxic waste to the Amazon River


Peru is famous for its beautiful environment her incredible beaches, jungle and especially the AMAZON RIVER. These environments are unique and are the home of many endangered species of wildlife and plants. Right now though, illegal dumping of TOXIC WASTE is being poured directly into the Amazon River many times daily by government approved garbage disposal companies. The pictures are horrific and the garbage contains hospital waste and heavy plastics. Illegal dumping is also occurring everywhere in Peru. Its unsightly and poisoness! Who knows what diseases and chemicals are ending up in the pristine Amazon! We ask the leaders of this great nation to ensure that all illegal dumping is stopped. Please ensure a future for Peru and for the precious Amazon River, a place thousands of tourists every year come to enjoy, but for how long? The smell is bad enough, but these pictures speak 1,000 words. (Video is in Spanish)


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