Adam Apollo: Gathering The Guardians – The Time Is Now! March 1, 2016 ~ Galactic Connection

Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo unite in this exquisite interview!

Alexandra first delves into Adam’s background, and what it was that guided him to where he is at this now moment. They then begin to delve into the Knights Templar, and how the experiences of The Guardians then are informing these times. Hear more about:

The six Star Species most responsible for seeding the humanity now on the planet

The Knights Templar

Galactic History


The Avalonian Times

The first of more interviews with Adam that intend to uncover and explore the immense amount of info regarding The Guardians!
Alexandra: “I’ve been waiting for you, Adam”.

To receive a discounted key to the Guardian Alliance, go to:…

Adam Apollo has offered insights on consciousness development, physics, future technology, and planetary transitions at the White House, in a United Nations summit, and at conferences and festivals around the world. He awoke to a complete library of Sacred Geometry and Metaphysical knowledge at the age of 15, and spent many years afterwards teaching and integrating this information through developing deep personal magical and martial arts practices. After being invited to hold council with Indigenous Elders from around the world in private fire ceremonies, Adam Apollo helped to organize two prayer runs for world peace across the North American Continent, and smoked the White Buffalo Peace Pipe passed down 19 Generations from the White Buffalo Calf Woman. In 2005, Adam physically encountered a Galactic Ambassador from a starship, met Ambassadors from 73 Species of the Galactic Council through an Astral stargate, and recovered memories from several lifetimes before his journey to Earth.

The Guardian Alliance

“Each living being has a right to Sovereignty, to the opportunity to give their deepest Gift, to fulfill their personal Destiny. Life can be challenging, a gauntlet of perceived obstacles, unforeseen relationship dynamics, personal doubts and fears.
Yet into this tangled mirage come lessons, insights, and bursts of greater awareness. While this journey is always driven from within ourselves, and our deepest sense of Who We Are, there are those who arrive in Service to this self-reflection and growth, guides of our Evolution and True Purpose. These are Guardians.” ~ Adam Apollo
Education & Immersive Systems

Enlightened Tech Development

Jedi & Leadership Training

Personal Research Compendium

Visionary Arts Foundation



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