Brussels: TTIP Negotiators outnumbered by citizens ! #FlashMobStopTTIP feat. #DanMullaney #IgnacioBercero


The face of ACTIVISM in Brussels, actvist’s sing against TTIP

Organised flashmob brought lobbyists sweat.

Les Misérables
Song of the people of lyrics

Do you hear how the people sing
From our anger tells the wind
This is the symphony of people
The not be slaves again
Every heart beats as it can
Our hearts the drums
It’s all there is a life about to
When tomorrow comes

One of the non-governmental organizations, wants to prevent the ttip, is the corporate Europe Observatory (CEO). The activists against the chent einflüstern the influence, the large corporations and lobby groups in the eu legislative process. And this is what you thought of a specific strategy: CEO organized flashmobs where ttip-critics prefers to lobby-events the protest song ” do you hear the people sing?” From “Les Miserables” song. The response to the surprising performance is usually the sheer amazement of the ttip-supporters – as recently as last week, in Brussels, a further round was held behind closed doors.…/flashmob-in-bruessel-aktivis…/184.515.856




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