San Francisco City Worker Refuses to Help Tear Down Homeless Shelters ~ TheLipTV

Note: This woman is a GREAT example of BEing the change you wish to see, she didn’t comply with “orders” because it went against her conscious. She cared more about doing what’s right, instead of worrying about a paycheck or what the boss would think. If more people acted on their conscious like this, the world would literally change overnite.

Her actions may have short term consequences with her employer, but in the long run the energy she payed forward with this one act of conscious will return to her with  opportunity’s to make changes for the better in her own life.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for 🙂

Blessings, {~A~}


A San Francisco Public Works employee could be facing disciplinary action for refusing to help police tear down a homeless person’s makeshift home. Though the woman’s identity was not released, the encounter was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube by the Coalition on Homelessness, an advocacy group critical of the treatment of homeless individuals. The group has urged cities to stop raiding and dismantling tent cities since last summer. California accounts for 21% of the nation’s homeless population; Of that, 63.7% lack shelter. Sasha Kai Parker and Jo Ankier discuss the implications the shelter removal could create for the homeless on the Lip News.…


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