CBS Reporter Arrested at Cancelled Chicago Rally Described Racism He Faced From Trump Supporters

Note: On Saturday evening I watched the video’s (here , here and here) from the Chicago Trump rally and was absolutely stunned at the level of chaos and aggression by both sides. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything like on a presidential campaign. It’s also very likely none of this was by accident either. Friday morning in St. Louis there was violence at another Trump rally, and judging from the Tweets below aggressive, hateful, racist behavior is not uncommon with the Donald’s followers.

Many of us saw this coming long ago, America is now gaining momentum toward martial law and is now heading down a slippery slope toward utter chaos at light-speed. With Hillary under FBI investigation, and Trump inflaming racism and social chaos at his rallys…will we even see a election this year? There are rumors the election will be cancelled.

If there is an election, what will be the end result if Bernie’s campaign is sidelined and he doesn’t get the nomination? IMO he’s the ONLY viable candidate that can bring this country back to something that resembles order.

Many of us have known that the collective won’t wake-up without a very hard jolt to their reality, one that makes them ask VERY SERIOUS questions about who they are and everything they’ve been taught. We’ve also been aware that WE have been given charge of holding Sacred Space for the collective to move thru chaos into the Light of their own BEing and find their inner, Sovereign I AM Presence.  To hold space for their awakening, means maintaining balance and focus through the coming storm.

Always remember, WE are the Ones WE waited for and stand firm in your Power. BE and embody the Light and Living example of love, compassion and forgiveness.

And So It IS.

Have a blessed week, Annette


“I’ve never seen anything like what I’m witnessing in my life.”

CBS News journalist Sopan Deb was in Chicago reporting Friday night from the political rally scheduled at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion when he was caught amid the chaos created by both GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s planned rally and its cancellation.

“I’ve never seen anything like what I’m witnessing in my life,” Deb tweeted about the unrest and violence.

Recent events are indeed unprecedented, at least in the last few decades. Trump has surged forward to become the party’s front runner. His campaign rallies draw thousands of supporters. But they have also devolved into racially-charged violence and chaos.

After a tense, violent rally in St. Louis on Friday morning, at which Trump was regularly interrupted by demonstrators and an African-American activist was left bloody, Trump cancelled his rally in Chicago.

Not only did Deb get knocked down without warning and arrested by Chicago police, he was charged with resisting, which video of the incident contradicts. The video is posted below.

“There’s definitely been a recent uptick [in hostility],” Deb said in an interview with CBS. “I have certainly never seen anything like last night. That was unprecedented.”

But Deb has personally faced racism while doing his job covering the Trump campaign, as recorded on his Twitter feed.

Watch video of Deb’s Friday night arrest, as posted by CBS News, here:


Bethania Palma Markus is a Los Angeles-based freelance journalist.


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