Our Children’s Trust: Youth Press Ahead and National Media Covers Their Landmark Case

Note: Here’s a group of kids with enough power and determination to save the Earth for the next seven generations…they’re stepping in to lead the way now. So much love, respect and admiration for having the courage to stand in their power and take on the ruling elite in their courts. These kids have the entire petro industry shaking in their boots and have done everything they can to silence their voice, because people listen to the kids – they still hold the imagination and foresight that was indoctrinated out of adults thru schools, religion and parenting. They can still feel the connection to the Creator in their soul, that’s where the real power lies to Co-Create lasting change and bring in a new paradigm. Watch these kids, they are changing the world ❤
Last week, hundreds of students, activists, professors, and citizens concerned about climate turned out in Eugene, Oregon to support the 21 young plaintiffs, ages 8-19, who filed whatBill McKibben and Naomi Klein call the “most important lawsuit on the planet right now.”
Honing in on the crux of the case, U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas M. Coffin questioned the attorney representing the federal government on whether our government is allowing tradeoffs between present and future generations. He asked the Department of Justice attorney:
“Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul?”
“Both (water & air) are vital to life, right?”
The judge also questioned the attorney representing the federal government (who denies our government must act as a public trustee) if our government could then sell the Pacific Ocean to Exxon, to which the fossil fuel industry attorney answered yes!
Attorneys for the youth are confident they have put forth a case that will show how the federal government is violating the young plaintiffs’ fundamental constitutional rights to life, liberty and property and vital public trust resources.
CNN, Rolling Stone, The Nation, Bill Moyers and other national media outlets across the country are reporting on the 2-hour hearing where Judge Coffin heard arguments from parties on the federal government’s and fossil fuel industry’s motions to dismiss the youth’s landmark climate change lawsuit.
It is uncertain when the Judge will issue his decision on the pretrial motions, but the youth are already preparing for trial. Please make a donation today to help them continue their pursuit on behalf of ALL present and future generations!
Onward, The OCT Team

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