3/20/2016 — Global Earthquake Forecast — Northwest Pacific / Japan / West Coast USA ~ Dutchsinse

Update : 900pm CT March 20 2016 – As this video was processing, a large M6.6 earthquake (M6.4 revised) struck North of Japan in the Kurial Islands / Kamchatka Russia … striking in the silent area shown in this video with the exact expected magnitude (Mid M6.0 range).

The exact area warned in this video was struck by the expected M6.0+ movement within hours of the forecast being issued.


We can check off the silent area in Kamchatka (North of Japan) as the 1st area hit in the 7 day forecast. I have the raw video file in case people want to verify the forecast was issued / recorded several hours BEFORE the earthquake occurred.

Check my websites here:



The progression of M5.0+ events across the West Pacific over the past 7 days is rather obvious.

Things began to move in earnest this past week, culminating in Alaska on Friday (March 18-19 UTC time).

Now in the new week, we see the silent area North of Japan has been struck by a M6.6 earthquake at Kuril Islands / Kamchatka Russia.

The area near Kamchatka has been rather silent in light of the flurry of larger M5.0+ earthquakes which developed to the South this whole past week.. add in the multiple M6.0+ earthquakes which occurred to the EAST in Alaska near Mount Atka Volcano, this middle ground area in the Kamchatka region is the spot I just named to watch in my earthquake forecast video.

The video is still processing, but was recorded earlier today, naming out the region North of Japan for Mid M6.0 activity to strike this week.

Now, before I can even get the video uploaded, the expected mid M6.0 event struck. As the forecast called for, a M6.6 has struck the Kamchatka region North of Japan.

Be on watch for new deep earthquakes which will determine new areas to watch for shallower larger movement, also watch the silent areas which haven’t shown large movement yet.

The forecast will be out shortly, you can mark off the North of Japan location , but still keep watch across the region spanning Japan to Taiwan (Izu ridge additionally) for possible larger activity to develop over the next 7 days.

West coast of the United States.. South California, interior volcanoes at the Nevada / California border, edge of the craton fracking operations across Colorado, Texas, Kanas, and Oklahoma… be on watch for larger activity to strike in the M4.0 range.. could shake things up as far as the East coast of the USA with smaller events spanning all the way to New England / SE Quebec Canada / Maine.

Central America needs to be on watch for possible new volcanic activity, as well as new larger seismic activity in the M6.0 to M6.5 range across Nicaragua and Panama into North Colombia.

Eastward across the Caribbean , South Mexico / Honduras across Cayman Trench to the Dominican Republic now needs to watch for noteworthy activity over the next 7 days based upon the M6.0 to the East at Barbuda, and the swarms striking off shore of El Salvador. The area between South Mexico and Dominican Republic must be under stress, could be in the same magnitude range as the current M5.0+ events off the coast.

South America, watch the middle of the Silent Zone, which puts us in the Bolivia, South Peru, North Chile region as the main spot to watch for renewed larger movement to strike .. larger , as in at least 1 magnitude larger than the current swarm of near M5.0 striking to the South across Chile.

We could also see new movement strike in Argentina to the East IF new deep earthquakes occur in the area.

Keep watch for new deep earthquakes which could switch all of this up OR accentuate the current magnitudes forecast. If the deep movement strikes the expected areas near Fiji, Indonesia, and Chile, then we can expect the forecast to remain steady this week.

IF new deep earthquakes occur in odd regions to the East, West, or North of the Pacific, this would switch things up dramatically.


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