Crazy! Floating Cities Spotted Again In US and Footage from China (new)

Note: These are new images…Project blue beam? Illusion? Merging timelines related to a dimensional shift, and or a parallel Earth? Glitches in the collapsing matrix?

IMO they don’t appear to be Higher Dimensional “sky city’s” that Andrew Bartzis and others have discussed, the images are more like a reflection or holographic image of the 3D matrix. Hard to say, but interesting nonetheless.

Gawping crowds caught the bizarre natural phenomenon on camera, and watched in awe as towering skyscrapers seemed to appear in the clouds.

The ghost-like buildings dominated the skies for minutes on Friday in Dalian, China.

The stunning footage shows the spooky structures appear in smog above a lake.

Learn More:


DAHBOO77 Floating Cities 2015:…


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