Max Igan – Off Air, Uncensored and Unplugged – The Flat Earth / Santos Bonacci Rant

Note: Based on my observations, it appears the “new cosmic energy’s” are creating issues with peoples perceptions, especially within the Truther and Spiritual community’s.

Recently I’ve been noticing some VERY powerful souls enter a phase of serious, ego based Shadow Dancing. So, I came up with a new term yesterday: Spiritual Sociopaths. Some people are getting so lost in the beLIEf of “creating their reality” that some belief everyone they encounter in their “reality bubble” is unreal and can be used, abused and/or taken advantage of without consequence from the Law of Attraction/Karma. They use a “spiritual mask”  to weave people into their web and gain their trust. Then once the audience or individual is blinded by false light, the Shadow Dancers begin taking advantage of peoples good nature or lead them to believe “spiritual” lies based on “imagined false constructs”.

I’m observing seriously delusional tendency’s emerge in portions of the “spiritual collective” right now. So, it’s important that when we encounter this energy, to remain aligned with our heartspace in the energy of love, compassion and forgiveness. Asking our Higher Self to assist us in keeping our heart open and in finding a sacred, neutral balanced perspective to process denser thoughts and emotions that arise. In addition, to use the mirroring process to stay aligned whenever we’re triggered.

Often when we’re under attack or have been hurt, our ego steps in and creates additional negative projections which are mirrored back in outer conditions,  “triggering” behavior or emotions which are self-destructive. In rapidly shifting energy’s like we’re currently experiencing, it’s important that we remember to remain self-aware of the direction our thoughts and emotions are leading us. If we’re not feeling good, or if someone triggers strong emotions, it’s a strong indication that it’s time to go within for “honest” self-examination and make adjustments that get us anchored firmly back in our heartspace, and out of the egoic-mind.

in regards to Max’s message, over the last few months Santo’s message has not resonated, so I pulled my energy back from publishing his shows. Here, Max shares disturbing insights on Santo’s recent public behavior that are a cause for concern, and reason to hold his Essence in sacred space for prayer and healing.

Have a magical weekend! Blessings, {~A~}


Off air banter with Max Igan and Chris and Sheree Geo at Truth Frequency Radio…


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