The Extraterrestrial Influence on the Music Industry – Grant Cameron

Note: FASCINATING discussion on a subject that’s intrigued me since the late 70’s when I began “connecting” with music on a multi-dimensional level and sensed the “presence” of Universal, or ET consciousness behind much of the rock music that I grew up with. As music industry professional I always felt most at home working backstage at concerts, or on the road traveling with an “entourage of musicians and their roadies” because we were society’s “misfits”. For a myriad of reasons we usually didn’t last long working “real jobs”, but most of all we weren’t happy or fulfilled working 40hrs a week doing what felt like mundane, ordinary work. Many of us were also high school drop-outs and were to rebellious in nature to work for jobs within “the system”.

On consciousness level, music was my best friend and a great synchronicity guide which gave me inspiration and insights on levels which there are no words for. I’ve sensed a Higher Hand at work behind the melodies, tones and lyrics; and when listening to the radio have experienced some mind blowing synchrocity’s where the lyrics paralleled what I was experiencing in my “reality bubble”. The more aligned I get with Source, the more profound I will experience the synchronicity’s and am able to see the illusion of the physical world.

I can’t even begin to explain my personal connection with Neil Young, or the multi-dimensional experiences from my youth while listening to “After the Gold Rush”, Cameron’s feedback blew my mind. In 1980 I also had a major UFO sighting which involved a disc-shape “silver ship”, within weeks after being told by an “experiencer” that I would be leaving the planet with a benevolent race when the earth changes came.

Cameron’s feedback also aligns with akashic record information that Andrew Bartzis shared in 2013, about the world where many musician’s reside and learn there craft come from.

Over the years I’ve had many questions on this subject, Cameron’s feedback on what he’s learned is nothing less than extraordinary for this music lover. It connected A LOT of dots. Enjoy!


Investigative journalist and fringe researcher Grant Cameron is no stranger to the ET/UFO story. In fact his quest into this puzzling yet important subject began in 1975 when he personally witnessed a sighting in Canada, which popularly became known as Charlie Red Star.

Some 40+ years later, Cameron’s work has become synonymous with the presidential aspect of UFOlogy. A big aspect to be sure. But what some of you may not know about this thorough and inquisitive journalist is his research into the E.T. influence on the musical scene. According to Grant, this influence is huge and in his words “complex.” After following what seemed to be an endless trail of clues, Grant
Cameron is clear: Our most influential musicians ARE in contact with non-human intelligence!

Neil Youg “After the Gold Rush” original w/ lyric

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Note: Discussion with Grant on the influence of non-local consciousness on music begins at approx 19:00.


Hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome Grant Cameron and Jane Allyson who tell us why the UFOnauts love rock music and why they use pop stars to convey their message. Jimi Hendrix, Ace Frehley of Kiss and Sammy Hagar are delivered into this musical mix. Jane talks about her various close encounters, her musical scores, her sightings in Pine Bush, NY and how 3 beings manifested in her room.


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