Astrology for the Soul March 30, 2016

Life is like an obstacle course,
That’s never really done,
Until I come to loving that,
It’s only just begun!

Yup, it is so much about attitude, yes? One person says, “Dang, another mountain to climb.” The other person says, “Wow! Look at that mountain! Let’s go climb!” Truly, as mentioned in the report, we are emerging out of a chaotic, emotional time, and may feel like the beat up soldier on the battlefield, but hang in there! You’ll make it! You can do it! There is amazing Life to come!

Indeed, this building of a new paradigm is not happening on a blank slate/chalk board. As healers and teachers, and supporters of the great awakening, we will undoubtedly come face to face with powerful established folks entrenched in patriarchal ways. It’s time to buck up, get up, and meet the old with the new, showing the beauty and power of the open heart. This requires being soft and hard, sensitive and tough, and triumphing over victim consciousness with unconditional self love. Go for it!


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