Being Spiritual and Political, All At Once

Arwen_swordBy Suzanne Maresca, Golden Age of Gaia

For anyone sick of reading about American politics, I understand.

The thing is that right now, we have a real opportunity to do things differently.  The establishment candidates tell us that change is too hard and that we don’t understand the system and how it works.

You know what?  For me that is so true.  And what is also true is that I don’t want to understand it, but I do want it to go away.

If we subscribe to the idea that it’s too hard to change, are we not just stepping into the shackles voluntarily?

Top economists confirm that Bernie’s economic plan will work beautifully. (1)

What I’ve noticed is that some of the folks who’ve been focused on matters of a more energetic nature, for however long, are feeling a bit conflicted about involving themselves in politics.

I can understand that, too.  The word itself carries such a load of negativity by now that it could be called a dirty word, no?

Have we not been given the information though, on many occasions, that there is epic-level assistance and support for us, but that we are the ones creating change here?

What keeps us from making that connection?  That this is what is in place right now on our world, and this is how we can speak up and make our immeasurably powerful collective voice heard?

It’s not too much to accomplish.  Isn’t what we’re doing and what we’re here for to create Nova Earth?  How could we do that by ignoring what’s going on?

This change is not at all impossible. Mark and Matthew (oh, those names!) remind us that giving up on a broken system is exactly what the ones who created it are after.

It’s time to step up, because nobody is coming to fix this for us.





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