Blog Update: Having Computer Problems

Aloha everyone!

I’m going to make this short, because I can barely type…

My computer’s been acting up the last couple weeks, took yesterday off to run deep-cleaning and it still hasn’t resolved the problems. The way it’s acting up, think a virus is causing major glitches in performance…right now, instead of performing this computer is playing tricks that are making it impossible to work.

Today I got some tips from a couple techies on resolving the problems before I do a complete wipe to reset everything back to manufactures setting. Either way, it will probably take a couple days to navigate dos and clear the problems. I’m not a techie, so going into dos makes me feel like Helen Keller in a new house…have to feel my around because I don’t where anything is, fortunately some friends gave me a direction to head-in 😉

Will be back as quickly as possible, wish me luck!

Much love and aloha!







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