Creating the World of My Dreams ~ Steve Beckow

World 11

Sometime last week I spilled coffee on my computer and the whole thing went up in smoke, so to speak.

I had to buy a new one and there wasn’t much choice in the matter, or so it seemed.

Then, about as compressed as I’ve ever been, I created other catastrophes in my life by projecting my inner stress onto others. I made amends as best I could and didn’t feel the return of bliss until this morning. (1)

When bliss returns, all the woes of the week disappear, all memory of the bedlam I created fades into memory … no, not memory; oblivion since I don’t have a well-functioning memory these days.

Bliss returning is like someone escorting you to poolside, giving you a comfortable lawn chair, putting a blanket around you, placing a pillow behind your head and putting your favorite beverage in your hand on an easy, sunny summer day.

All is good. All is right with the world.  We’re able to relax and let everything go.

I often feel guilt that I’m letting all worries go while Team Dark is working every day, by every strategy, to make us hesitant and terrified.  I’m not feeding that wolf.

What I’m seeing is that active opposition to the dark works in some circumstances but it’s much more effective to build a bridgehead of love and then expand it and expand it.

I’m not trying, as I did years ago, to stop the dark or change their minds. I’m more concerned with seeing love expand in our world until the dark are left to play in a sandbox of their own choosing by themselves.

There are so many things that can neither be explained or understood. They just have to be experienced for themselves.

Love is one of them.  I could never make heads or tails out of how love could be the answer to every problem before I began to experience transformative or unconditional love (not like I’m always in the experience of it; I’m not).

I have no way of understanding how love could be the basic constituent of everything, how it could change form to comprise everything we see around us and everything we don’t see, etc.

God is love, we are consciousness, the Void is bliss – none of these assertions compute unless I’ve had the experience of them. And I haven’t had the experience of any of them – in this lifetime.

None of them are capable of empirical proof. As soon as someone asks for proof, the discussion comes to an end.

I’m constructing a view of life that accords with whatever I know but also – and perhaps more importantly – fits with my deepest and most loving dreams of it.

I’m not waiting for scientists to catch up with where we lightworkers and lightholders are with things.

I’m not paying attention any longer to norms, conventional wisdom, what the government says, what the TV says, etc.

I’m creating my own world one idea, one vision at a time.

In years gone by, a person who did that would be called an idealist, a dreamer, a person off in his own fantasy world.  It would have been panned.

But now I’ve become convinced that such dreaming, or creative imagination as I believe it’s more formally called, will be decisive.

I’ve always been more attuned to non-fiction than fiction, so I haven’t developed my imagination the same way some others have. But at the same time I have some familiarity with it, enough to know that what we imagine on the Fifth and higher dimensions is what we create.

“Make believe” there is also “make real,” “make physical.”

Therefore I’m pretty sure that the world of my own imagining is going to be the world I’ll live in.

Add to that the Law of Attraction. If I’m right, it’ll draw people who wish to play in a similar world towards me or me towards them.

There you have my strategy at drawing my dream world to me.  I think this modus operandi will prove more effective than trying to reform the dark.

Here I am, pounding away on my new keyboard, protected by a plastic keyboard cover, coffee far away, in bliss again, and creating the world of my dreams.


(1) I’d like to thank those readers who have written in telling us about the rise of bliss in them.


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