Living in Abundance

We hear about wanting abundance in our lives but do we really know what that means?  When we say we want abundance, we are saying we want more of something in our lives but what if I told you that you already have an abundance?  We are always in the stream of abundance, the question is, what do we have an abundance of?  We can have an abundance of love or we can have an abundance of lack.  We can have an abundance of wealth or an abundance of debt.  We can have an abundance of health or and abundance of medical concerns.  We are always in the stream of abundance however it is up to us to determine what it is that we wish to experience an abundance of.

We make this choice based on where we focus our awareness, what it is that we choose to experience.  This can be difficult to innerstand when we feel like victims and believe that the world is happening “to” us.  When we are dealing with suffering and feeling the emotions we reinforcing those emotions by the thoughts that arise and they end up justifying our condition. We put ourselves in a cycle of repetition.  We believe that the world is out to get us because of the situations that happen to us.  Those situations “trigger” feelings that generate thoughts and those thoughts bring up the associated emotions.  If we judge the emotions as being something we do not wish to experience or something we do not like, it begins to bring up more thought patterns that are related to the emotions.  Those thoughts re-enforce the emotions making them stronger and thereby bringing about more thoughts to continue to reinforce the emotions.  This is an ongoing cycle that we term as the “snowball effect”.  The more emotions we generate, the more thoughts that we create.  Unless we are able to center ourselves and acknowledge what is going on, it is extremely easy to get caught up in the process and creating an unenjoyable experience.

This is the process for most people in the world.  We are not aware of how this works and while we are going through the experience, we are clouded by the emotions.  When we are feeling emotions, nothing matters other than how we feel and if we are not enjoying it, we are looking at others to blame.  After all, we were fine until someone else did something or something else happened and triggered us to change our state.  We were in our zone or as brother Bob once said “Oh please, don’t you rock, my boat.  Cause I don’t want, my boat to be rockin.”

When our boat is rocked, all that is happening is that our judgment of an event or situation has created a trigger or “button” that is then linked to an emotion.  We hear the term “pushing buttons” pretty often in this experience.  Parents like to say that their children know how to push their buttons but what does this really mean?  Why are those buttons there in the first place?  We subconsciously create them.  If we do not like a situation we create a button for it and then we link it to the emotion that is felt when we encountered that situation.  In this case it becomes much easier to see that there is nothing within the situation that is responsible for how we feel.  Those feelings already reside within us and because we assigned buttons to them, we have allowed the “outside world” a way to access them.  We are allowing the outside world to control us through emotions by accessing those triggers.  Combine this with the fact that we are creating the world around us based on our awareness, beliefs and feelings and we just created a situation where we can create more situations to trigger us. After all, we grew up in a world where we are taught to focus on the things we do not wish to experience in order to avoid them.  We then we re-create the same experience over and.  This repetitive cycle is what creates the victim mentality.  When we break free from it and start choosing our own experiences this becomes extremely evident.  It is so obvious that we wonder how could it have ever been that way?

In the victim mentality one thing is very evident.  We feel as if we have a lack of choices.  We feel as if there is nothing we can do because the world is happening “to” us.  This creates a belief in an abundance of lack.  Lack of choices and options.  When we break free of that perspective, we receive an abundance of the opposite.  We go from an abundance of lack to an abundance of choices.  This can become overwhelming at first because many of us are taught on our spiritual journey that the world is guiding us if we are listening.  When we start seeing signs it can become very easy to think “oh I should be doing this because of this sign” or “oh I should be doing that because of that sign”.    There is no guidance in the terms of what we are supposed to be doing because ultimately, there is no set path.  It is up to us to create our own path.  The only path that we all share is the evolution of consciousness because we are all one and one is about evolution.  That is the common path however what we do along the way is our free will.  We choose how we get there.

This is very important to know because if we are chasing every single opportunity that comes up, it will become overwhelming.  We go from a lack of choices to an overabundance of choices.  In the experience that I am having I was saying yes to every opportunity that came up thinking “this is what I am supposed to be doing”.  After all, consciousness is always talking and providing opportunities so if I accept it, I will be provided with another one to continue guiding me.  The only issue with this is that it never ends.  It was not until recently that it really started to sink in for me.  When someone asked me for help I automatically say yes without even questioning it.  I acknowledge that I am creating every situation in this experience therefore, why would I turn down an opportunity?  Well with someone who is into lots of different things and enjoying all of them, it creates many avenues to go down.  Now this is great at first if we are switching out of the victim mentality because it will show us that we have an abundance of choices.  For many who do not know what they enjoy in life, this will also provide many opportunities to play around and do other things until we find what it is that most resonate with us.   In my case the issue was I did not know I was supposed to stick with.  To me I thought I was needing to do it all.  I volunteered working the sound board at church and since then have been provided opportunities to do more mixing with offers for jobs during the summer doing live sound.  I attend drumming workshops on the weekends playing a Djembe and the brother hosting the workshops is constantly offering me opportunities to go and play with him at events.  I have shown an interest in music and placed my bio on the web which explains how music was a big part of my life and now musicians and singers are contacting me about collaborating on projects.  I started focusing on MAGRAV, created training documents and now people message me everyday asking me question on how to do things and when will I create another MAGRAV instructional document.  I started a new hobby with photography a couple months ago and now more opportunities are appearing to help me continue along this path.  There are a few more examples but what I am pointing out is that I am creating all of these opportunities and every time I say “yes” I am casting my vote on what I wish to experience.

For me this caused a lot of confusion because I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing.  I kept seeing all these signs as things I should be saying “yes” to without realizing that this is just how it works.  What we focus our awareness on is what we create more of so the next step is to refine the way we are addressing these situations.  At first we need to learn to say yes to everything in order to find what it is that triggers our highest joy and excitement.  I say “trigger” because nothing makes us feel an emotion.  We get so caught up in the belief that outside things cause us to feel emotions.  We say, this person makes us happy or having that makes us happy.  These aspects and situations may “trigger” a button within ourselves that causes us to generate the emotion but ultimately, the emotion is within us and we can generate it at any time.  We are relying on the button, the trigger, to feel the emotion and then we look for outside events to push them for us.

If you have 5 opportunities being presented, you do not need to accept all five.  Figure out which one of those 5 “trigger” the highest state of being while you are doing it.  Write them down on a sheet of paper.  Think about each one, one at a time.  When you think about it, the feelings will be generated as if you were doing it.  It is a matter of recalling a feeling through a memory.  From here assign a number to it depending on how close it is to what you wish to feel.  When you are done, find the one that is closest to the feelings you wish to experience and then focus on that. Remember you are dividing 100% of your awareness and the more you streamline where you direct those percentages, the more opportunities you will create around those specific things.

Recently I was caught up not knowing what I was supposed to be doing.  Jessica had mentioned to me yesterday “Why are you going back to music?  That is part of the old life.  You have not given photography a chance yet.”  I have been having fun with photography lately however I was also being provided with opportunities to start collaborating on writing music.  Music has always been a part of my life but I was confused on what to do.  Last night before going to bed I set the following intentions.

  1. I will remember my dreams

  2. I will learn something from the dreams

  3. When I wake up, I will know what it is that I need to do regarding music or photography

When I woke up this morning I was able to remember one dream.  I remember that it began with me entering a building with the feeling that this was a new job that I was starting.  The boss was outside in the parking lot but he mentioned for me to go inside and he would be in there shortly.  When I first walked in I found myself in a lobby area that reminded me of the entrance to a tire store.  It had tall glass windows facing the parking lot.  There was a counter with staff standing behind it and an opening that went into another larger room.  I walked into the larger room and noticed that it resembled a shop with large rollup bay doors.  This was definitely a mechanic shop of some sort.  I walked up to a station with a hydraulic press and began to operate it.  This is a machine that is used to press parts together that can not be done by hand.  You place one part on the bench, seat the part that you would like to press into it on top and then pump a handle which pushes a rod down to seat the two pieces.  Around the same time the boss came in and I remember asking him “what do you all do around here?”.  He replied with “we change out CV axels”.  To those that are not familiar, CV axels are the rod assemblies that connect your wheels on the car to the transmission.  Immediately I was like “This is a mechanics shop.  I do not do this kind of work anymore. This is what I used to do as a teenager and in my 20’s when I was into hooking up cars.”  This was the old me.  I then began to operate the hydraulic press and realized what I was doing.  I was pressing a camera lens onto a camera.  I then noticed that the camera lens was missing the cover so I grabbed the camera and walked back into the lobby area where the counter was and grabbed the cover off of it.  While putting the cover on the lens I looked around the room and noticed a shelf in one corner.  On that shelf there was a trumpet, saxophone and some other brass instruments.  I looked in the other corner of the room and had seen a tuba and some other instruments.  One thing that stuck out was that all the instruments I saw were ones that I had played in the past.  I also noticed that there was a thick layer of dust on all of them.  It looked as if they had been sitting there for years.  I asked the brother behind the counter, what’s up with the instruments?  He replied “oh we like to play them during our down time when there is no work”.  The entire time I was sitting in this shop I kept getting this feeling that this is not where I wanted to be or what I wanted to experience.  As soon as I came to this realization I woke up from the dream.

Here it was 8 hours ago I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing.  I set the intention that in the morning I would know where I stand in regards to music and photography.  I also said I would learn something.  I had a dream where I went into an environment based on my past and it created a feeling of that past.  Knowing that this is not what I wish to experience, I was shown the lens and the camera being assembled while all of the instruments were old and dusty.  I also note that the brother mentioned they would play whenever they had free time from work but with all the dust it appeared that they did not have a lot of free time.  It was as if all they did was work.

With this example we can see how using intention and becoming aware of feelings can help guide us in making decisions.  The more we focus on something, the more we create situations based around it so why not pick your highest excitement and make that the goal?  We have all lived the experience of suffering so now let us pick the highest form of excitement and love.


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