Recurring Themes

The more time that we spend observing the environment instead of thinking about the past and future, the more we will start to see that we are communicating with ourselves through the creations in our experience.  The more we see this, the more we also see that the “asleep” dream state and the waking state are just two different experiences of consciousness no different from the other.

For myself, these past few days have been creating a few on going themes.  If I was not paying attention to them, they could have very easily been missed however, they have instead been sticking out like a sore thumb.

The first theme is that of spider webs.  For the past few weeks I have been noticing a spider web in the garage every time I went down there.  If we are not being observant we can easily let it pass as, I just so happen to see a spider web down there however, when you start looking for signs, it becomes very obvious that the web is talking to you.  What do I mean by this?  If you are walking straight and for some unknown reason you just so happen to glance down to look at something, what was it that just so happen to make you glance down?  Why didn’t you just continue looking forward while walking?  Think about this and let it sit in our mind for the future.  If you are driving down the street and for some reason you glance down at someone’s license plate, there is a reason for it. Nothing is random and if something gets your attention it is for a reason.  Take it as a sign and start developing it.  Write it down, keep a journal.

There has been a spider web in the garage has been grabbing my attention for some time.  Now there is a spider web next to the stairs when we walk up to the condo.  Again, it grabs my attention every time I walk up the stairs and it is not in my direct line of sight.  Two nights ago I had a dream that I was walking down a trail and slipped.  When I fell down I remember my left leg landed in a spider web with two black widows.  Immediately I started to feel fearful however I coached myself in my mind “Do not be afraid, I send you love, I send you love, I send you love.”  That was when I woke up.

Last night in one of the dreams I remember seeing a brother walk by me with a motorcycle vest on and a spider for the patch on the back.  On the top rocker, the banner above the picture of the spider, it said “Black”.  On the bottom rocker, the banner below the picture, it said “Widow”.  In another dream I also ran into two spider webs only this time they were baby spiders that were white in color.

I still do not know the symbology in why I am creating these icons but I will be asking for some signs today to explain their relevance.

The second theme that has been reoccurring is that of the ram, the male sheep.  This one is great because it really goes to show how we are creating our waking state just as much as we are creating the dreams.  In last nights dream I had two dreams related to rams.  In the first one I was standing in a parking lot and a full sized Ram started to charge me.  I knew I probably wasn’t going to be able to run away from it however there was a car directly in front of me.  I knew I had a chance if I hid under it since it would not be able to get to me.  I proceeded to roll under the back end of the car under the gas tank when the ram came up and started to hit the car.  He was unable to get to me.

In the second dream there was about 6 or 7 rams but they were babies.  They looked about the size of rabbits and their horns were just barely sticking out of their heads but I remember wanting to take one home with me and raise it.  He kept cuddling with me and rolling around in my lap just like Enki, our little furry family member, the Chihuahua.

Now these may have been signs in the dream but this is where we see the waking state is being created just like the dream.  The moment I woke up, the phone was beeping.  I had a Facebook message waiting for me.  If anyone has an android phone with the Facebook messenger app, they know that when someone sends you a message, the picture of that person shows up as a bubble over your screen and it will not disappear until you close out the chat session.  When I woke up I had a message from a brother waiting and their Facebook picture is attached to this post.  It is that of the ram.  The last thing I remembered from the dream waking up and the first thing I see when I get out of bed.

Again, I do not know the relevance of the message as of yet but all we need to do is ask for signs to explain these signs and then “listen”.  The answers will be revealed through more signs.


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