The Health & Wellness Show: The Truth about Tobacco and the Benefits of Nicotine

But, I will add this. In 2013 I finally broke down and began paying more for Organic American Spirit tobacco, which is free of pesticides and chemical additives. Within two weeks of switching my blood pressure returned to normal and I began feeling better, I no longer wake-up coughing and have more energy than I can remember having for a long time.
What I realized at one point, was the 200+ chemical additives and pesticides were the cause of health related problems associated with smoking. Once I began smoking chemical free tobacco, any health issues related to smoking disappeared within a few weeks.
Native American’s consider tobacco a sacred planet and have smoked tobacco in ceremony for thousands of years. Lung cancer and respiratory problems were historically not a problem for them, and the only reason why cigarettes are associated with health risks today is because during the manufacturing process tobacco is being drenched in carcinogenic toxins.
Isn’t it amazing how the PTW take something once considered sacred, like tobacco, and invert it into something toxic for the mind, body or spirit?
At this point, the reasons I’m quitting smoking are no longer for my health. First reason, the bad attitudes, harsh judgement and discrimination from non-smokers. After listening to the research here and knowing that people are brainwashed into hating smokers, I’m ALMOST having second thoughts quitting, but…


At $15.00 a week I can’t afford to smoke. Since I careless what others think, that’s the real motivating factor…

Have a great week, blessings…Annette

Is tobacco the life-threatening plant we’ve all been taught to believe it is? Are there differences between straight tobacco and processed cigarettes? What are the benefits of nicotine, and could there actually be benefits to smoking tobacco? Are there benefits to vaporizing or is it a dangerous trend? On this week’s episode of the Health & Wellness Show, we spoke with Gordon Vick, author of the recent SOTT Focus, The epidemic of junk science in tobacco smoking research. We discussed the shoddy state of anti-smoking science, as well as the evidence that smoking has real, beneficial health effects. Zoya joined us with a pet health segment about dog behavior: are there really alpha dog personalities? Tune in weekly on Fridays on the SOTT Radio Network!

Running Time: 01:55:09

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