4/15/2016 — Major Earthquakes Strike Japan — Pacific Unrest Obvious — West Coast USA on watch dutchsinse

Two large earthquakes have struck Japan over the past 2 days. Major damage has occurred, multiple people killed, and thousands injured according to main stream media reports.

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April 15, 2016 – A series of large earthquakes has occurred over the past few days across the West and East Pacific.

Japan has now been struck twice in the past 36 hours , first by a M6.5 earthquake which caused major damage, at least 9 killed + 1000 injured… followed a day later by a larger M7.1 (M7.0 revised) earthquake near the same epicenter as the previous days earthquake.

Additionally, large movement has struck the East Pacific, just South of Mexico near Guatemala (Central America), large activity also striking Burma, Vanuatu, and Indonesia over the past several days.

The West coast of the United States, and West coast of South America are two “silent” locations which should show compensation movement over the next few days. Areas directly adjacent to Japan should be on serious watch for similar large earthquake activity, including Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, and North Japan.

East Pacific locations (West coast USA) should be on watch near the Gorda Escarpment , Northwest California, Central Oregon Coast, and Vancouver Island BC.

Further South, watch the Gulf of California. All three areas should begin showing movement at the upper M4.0 , to lower M5.0 range shortly. Interior California near the Nevada border will also show a new round of near M5.0 activity in the next few days.

Yellowstone / Idaho / Montana , edge of the craton reaching across Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas needs to watch out AFTER the West coast of the USA begins moving.

We may see a new round of mid M4.0 range earthquakes in the Midwest United States very shortly in addition to all the other activity mentioned above.

South Europe into Turkey also needs to watch out for larger movement to strike in the next few days. Should be at least upper M5.0 , possibly even into the lower M6.0 range.

Overall, the West Pacific and East Pacific should see a very active next few days — have a plan, and be prepared just in case.

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This is your calling… brilliant work… much kudos



1 person obviously hates earthquakes.



+phoeny123 😂


+shameblamenamegame poetry in motion. liquidation and shallow ouch.


Great reporting, thanks!



Good job man. keep it up


Mercy Foryou

I knew I’d see a upload from you today and I haven’t heard anything just a feeling. other night my room shook violently twice no one else felt it its a vision of what’s coming but I was awake and felt it. it may sound kooky but I’ve always had earthquake dreams and visions this morning I said it just feels off were gonna get hit with a earthquake now I see this and I’m like okay how much water do I have. I’m in California Ty dutch I appreciate your work it’s genius I have always been like this so no offense to your work when I mention dreams and such I hope.God is speaking to his people in these last days get your spiritual house in order everyone forgive call upon Jesus today is the day of salvation really don’t wait too long. God bless you all.



POOR LOCALS! Sending prayers. THANKS DUTCH! ~South Africa~ xox


Coach Rick

Hey brother, I don’t really understand how you do what you do, but you are on point with all of your predictions and explanations of how you come to determine the location and strength of potential earthquakes.. Much Respect to you for your hard work and skill with this stuff brother!



I have been following the Global Incident map for years and I have the QuakeFeed app on my Iphone. Never have I seen so many large quakes popping off in such a short time in my life. CERN? Nibiru? Solar activity? Giant groundhogs fucking underground??? 20 quakes in Alaska in the last 13 hours alone!!!! The west coast is fucked. I would get out while you can!!


Shelley W

+Unashamed Gurl 1ONESIX Global incident map. He is correct.


+VM2007 I would not worry about that pastor because that is what he was taught in school and that is what the scientists say and the media says that earthquakes can`t be predicted.  He was just following the “authorities”.

Erik B

Encouraged me to warn my friends. After all, you prove that earthquakes can be predicted despite what they say. And history shows that preparedness can greatly increase your odds of getting through a disaster such as this.


Amy Tudor

This is why we all love you and what you do…Thank You Dutch…



Are you going to update due to the Aso eruption in Japan?

Redeemed 555

Thank you for this update and warning, much appreciated.


Jerry Chavis

It’s crazy. It’s almost as if this surge in earthquakes was predicted in some ancient book 🤔


Jerry Chavis

+lbird thanks for the info…


+Jerry Chavis amen! 😉

Amory Richards

I’m AMAZED the US hasn’t been struck with a major one yet. It’s almost eerie to think of the reasons why we have been pretty much left out and what could happen suddenly. Thank you Dutch, God bless…


Ali Aitken

+Amory Richards soon


+Amory Richards in the last year we have add 2 (7’s). one off Ferndale the other alaskian chain.

Marnie Hunter

West coast is starting to get a little rock & roll.



Ah he he LAAAAME


great calls on the quakes!


‘Know what you’ll do if your inside a building and it starts to collapse.’ I feel like this is an analogy to the US, as a whole. 😂

lucid ity

So you’re saying we need to hurry up with our plans for more nuclear plants?


Rebecca Castro

love Ya Dutch, ty for so much work n info! ~○~

Gail Kenyon

Is There Also A Chance of the West Coast Of Washington To Be In Line for The Quakes?

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