Energy Update: Why you feel like you’re on spin dry AKA A Multidimensional Recalibration ~ LeeHarrisEnergy

Note: Great and timely advise from Lee.  This last 7-10 days feels like being thrown from spin dry to the dryer, with a couple pairs sneakers thumping things around…

Thank god for seat-belts on this ride! Stay tightly buckled in and hang-in there my friends! Don’t pay attention or get consumed by the chaos – nothing is as it seems, that’s the illusion.

Best not to pay your attention to the zombies. Keep your eyes closed and just keep imagining a miraculous outcome for yourself, all of humanity and Mother Earth’s Kingdoms…then simply believe without doubt or fear.

It is already done 🙂


Some quick tips for how to stay grounded and centered right now.
You are not alone in this almighty change we are experiencing on the planet.

Dana Mrkich’s brilliant energy update (which I refer to in the video):!Five-plan…

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