(BREAKING NEWS) New activity at CERN 4/172016 – NEW TYPE PORTAL OPENED..

Note: Have spent the last 48hrs surfing some DEEP Earth changes rabbit holes and it looks like major change is afoot…haven’t posted for the last couple days because I’m still wrapping my head around it all.

Check this out!  Apparently” a portal or black hole opened over Geneva on April 17th. The video shows pics of smoke coming from the ground, damage to buildings, cdc hazmat tunnel leading from CERN building etc…Now get this, Geneva is virtually a ghost town. He goes over a bunch of Geneva street cams and there no cars or people on the streets. I just went to the Geneva live cams and it’s still a ghost town as of today, no movement on the streets any where. Link to Geneva street cams below.

Also, i checked out the live cam and it showed a couple of small black orbs in the sky, then a larger black orb lower down over the water. The geyser is also back. 12 days later, still a ghost town…wtf??

There have also been a series of earthquake swarms in Switzerland, according to Dutchsinse’s most recent report

PROJECT INCENSION: Interviewing: Pattie L. Brassard on (BRAKING NEWS) New activity at CERN 4/172016 – NEW TYPE PORTAL OPENED.



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