Astrology for the Soul May 4, 2016

To determine whether I’m selfish,
Or simply honoring my needs,
I can look to the heart of the other,
And see the effects of my deeds.

We’ve got the new Moon coming in Taurus Friday, and as I mention in this video, Taurus is about self-sufficiency and self-love. Now we are collectively emerging out of 1000’s of years of external authority telling us what we are worth, mostly negatively to maintain control over us. So in general, we are all recovering our self esteem and this is a GREAT time to do it! A lot can be accomplished and be getting done these days….. good job!

On the other side, other aspects point out that there is a “higher” purpose to all of our accomplishments that serve others needs, heal, and lift the world! As adults we need to learn when we have enough, are enough, and have taken enough and that it is all about giving, sharing, and loving as we all ascend together. May you clearly discriminate if/when you lose.


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