Swallowed by the Sea: Gone Are 5 Islands of the Solomon Islands

Note: Back in 2012 I remember looking at Indonesia on Google Sky, many of the villages on the coastline had already been over-taken by the ocean, you could see the roads and townships were already submerged. At that point they were experiencing flooding encroaching on the city of Jakarta. Either the islands are sinking, or the waters are rising…possibly a combination of both. So  for myself, this is not at all surprising.


At least five islands of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean, have already been covered completely under the sea, according to research conducted by Australian scientists since 1974, collects Environmental Research Letters .

The islands are Zollies desparecidas, Kakatina, Rehana, Rapita and Kale. The latter, the largest of the five, has lost its entire area of 48,890 square meters above sea level from the baseline. In 2011 Kale had only 509 square meters of superfice.

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