7 Ways To BE the Light the World Needs

two hands forming a heart
Posted May 27, 2016 by Kevin Przystup
Category: Motivational

How many times have you listened or looked at something and thought, What the hell is going on here? Where has love gone … is it hidden, lost or nonexistent?

In traveling many roads, with many folks in many situations, I’m often surprised at how quickly conversations become negative.

Soon enough, these conversations permeate your thinking, believing and acting.  Before you know it, you are crippled with fear.

So, instead of being paralyzed with fear, why not BE a filter. A filter that sifts through the darkness and helps others BE that loving Light the world so desperately needs. Here’s to shining some much needed Light! No flashlight needed : – )

7 Ways to Magnify Your Loving Light

  1. Filter out negativity – Start with the circle you surround yourself with. This includes family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. This is your starting point. You can listen and ignore or ignore negativity all together with a simple reply, “That’s not for me.”
  2. Know yourself – Roots are there for a reason. Become grounded in goodness and greatness grows. Know that you are a great, loving, caring and kind person. Yes, YOU! Wake up believing this and go to bed feeling this and those seeds begin to grow.
  3. Understand the reflection of others – People are quick to comment. Beware of their toxic spills because they spread. Don’t allow their words to become your deeds. Often what folks say about others is how they feel about themselves.
  4. Remove toxic people – When I build fires, I add wood. The wood is seasoned, dried and ready to use. It’s not wet, bug-ridden or contaminated. The same hold true with those who surround you. Choose to be around healthy, fun-loving and life affirming folks. The air is much cleaner. Plus, you’ll breathe and sleep easier. I promise.
  5. Use “free will “wisely – Others is not mine. What others do & say does NOT define you OR who you are. Only you can decide that. Each decision you make, is yours to own, from the words you speak to the actions you take. Start from a place of love. From there, it only gets better!
  6. Share your light – Love is the light of the world. The more love you give, show and share…the better the world becomes. Ignore the gossip, stop the judgement, and work toward solutions. The world can be a brighter, more kinder and loving place with your contribution.  Begin NOW!
  7. Spread your seeds – Share all of your thoughts, words and actions with everyone, everywhere you go. Small and simple; great and large. Start by holding a door and saying thank you. But mostly say and do more “I love you.” Repeat daily. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Remember, all too often, we are caught in the cross-hairs of being better, doing more, having everything without ever knowing we have everything we already need.

Watching the morning or nightly news doesn’t help you BE more loving. Reading negative posts on FB, Twitter or other social media channels doesn’t bring you more love.

The amazing thing about love is that you don’t have to look too far. It’s right there, from your little pinky, to your big toe. I like to thank the Good Lord for this “golden elixir” of God’s Great Love.

This roaring river flows from the top of my head to the tip of my toes… infusing every molecule and permeating every atom of my very essence.

It’s there, believe me!  Know it, feel it, and feed it. The brighter your Light shines, the more love is shared…eclipsing the darkness of hate and injustice.

The Takeaway

The world isn’t always a pretty place. But, it doesn’t have to BE this way, especially within your heart, mind or soul. There are many folks, living in fear, darkness and addiction.

Help them by extending your hand and letting them know they are loved.  Help them to understand that Life isn’t always easy but it isn’t always hard…at least not as hard as we make.

I awoke this morning to a loving husband, a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on my table … and for this I am thankful.

Also thankful for the amazing “village” I have that surrounds Our sacred space, especially a dear friend Dee and an amazing dear soul, Ed.

You see, when the world is dark and everything is burning around you… there are others easily willing to help and offer a hand. Take it! Only then can you know the loving Light that lives within each of us.

For me that loving Light is a bright place… filled with opportunity, acceptance and love.

The Lighted Path is already paved (as it always has been). And when you walk the Way, no matter the conditions, you are able to do so standing tall, shining bright, Lighting the world with much needed love.

All you need to know is that there is always a waiting and willing hand to guide you. Are you ready?

Now it’s your turn. How are you able to BE the Light & love the world so desperately needs? How can your loving Light help others who hide in darkness? Please leave a comment below as it just may help lighten those roads less travel.  Take my hand, I’ll see you there : -)



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