Town Saves Thousands By Unplugging Soda Machine – #GoodNewsNextWeek ~ Media Monarchy

This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Activists from all over America descended on Flint to do what the government won’t; LA’s turning rundown motels into housing for vets; and a small town in Canada saves $9k/yr by unplugging the soda machine. Notes/Links below….

Govt/Media Silent As Activists Deliver Aid to Flint

LA’s Turning Rundown Motels Into Homeless Veterans’ Housing

Town of 84 Unplugs Pop Machine, Saves $9K A Year

#GoodNewsNextWeek Headlines: Heimlich Inventor Uses Maneuver For First Time

Legal Cannabis Is Literally Transforming Cities — Funding Roads, Schools, Charities and More

Cameras Capture Rare Snow Leopard Footage From Northwest China

Portland Dog Saved From Euthanasia At The Last Second

Someone Made Modern Art By Forgetting Their Glasses On The Floor At San Francisco Museum

Sharing Music Across the U.S.-Mexico Border’s Metal Fence

Moby Gives Away Four Hours of Ambient Music Designed for Yoga or Meditation


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