WSO May 31 – Flashing Sun Seen in Multiple Locations

Note: The flashing sun has been seen in Hawaii several times, it seems to be happening more often now. I’ve been observing this channel for several months and there’s definitely some very strange thing’s going on in the solar system. Even tho I don’t always agree with his interpretations, Steve and his subscribers are doing some interesting work.

At this point it’s still difficult to determine the truth in exactly what’s happening in the solar system, at this point it appears to be a cosmic soup of anomalies and planetary objects in the solar system. With all the obfuscation and disinfo circulating, it’s anyone’s guess at this stage….Blessings, {~A~}

Today, we look at flashing suns, IR/UV images, and I make good on showing R. Wayne Steiger’s photos from the week update. We also look at many sub photos and continue to explore big planets.


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