Montana: Health Officials Now to Notify Public About Radioactive Drinking Water


Ed. Note: imo there’s something much deeper going on here, that the radiation in drinking water is an indication that earth changes are taking place beneath the surface. About a month ago I published a compilation of video’s with insider earth changes data and whistleblower information on the reasons for the FEMA emergency meeting in mid-April. From all indications it appears massive earth changes are unfolding below ground, especially in the Iowa/S Dakota/Montana/Nebraska areas. Magma is apparently rising to the surface and moving east from Yellowstone underground into these states. There are also MASSIVE gravity anomalies which indicate a major land mass split is imminent in the above mentioned states and that FEMA is currently staffing people in different locations around the affected areas in anticipation of this event. The first video contains the earth changes data, the second half covers radiation leaks and hazards around the country…they’re virtually everywhere.

Solution: Detox for heavy metals constantly, take Lugers Iodine or Atlantic Dulse daily, take tumeric and black pepper formula’s (cancer prevention), and eat an anti-cancer diet is the best we can do to stay healthy in a radioactive environment.

If you missed the ‘imminent earth changes’ post about a month ago, here’s the link:


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