“Ascension Choices – Timelines – ET Rescue” by David Martin

As we reach the closing stages of the ascension process we are at our most creative. We are also vulnerable, not through any external power or event but because of our conditioning, self doubt and fears. We still live on a ‘Free Will’ planet so nobody can through the normal chain of events cause bad things to happen to you. They can however plant the thought that something was going to happen into your mind by subtle hints and suggestion using any form of media available to them. Your fears or expectation creates that event (you have immense capabilities of creation), the more fear or dread of the event the stronger your creation of it.

Take Control
So time to stop blaming everybody else for everything wrong in the world and SEE it getting better, SEE everybody with food and shelter, SEE everybody having their needs met, SEE everybody being genuinely friendly to each other, SEE no pain or suffering in the world, SEE the air and water becoming pure and healthy, SEE all flora and fauna being vibrant, healthy and happy. Your vision WILL create these things, but as with all things there is a test – in the coming months you will be bombarded by the media, gossip, what have you, of all the ugliest things in the world, the injustice, the cruelty etc. Dismiss these no matter how hard, dismiss them and see them getting better. Your mind and creative abilities far outweigh those that control the outward appearance on the planet. You can cancel and change the program – just like that, just by changing your thoughts.

Choices – Creating Your New World
Something that has happened to me and could possibly be presented to you: I have experienced several visions of perfect world scenarios that I was invited to step into and allow to become my reality. I chose not to accept any of these realities as I have a vision / knowledge of a bigger reality and choose to stay with the planet and ascend with her. If one chooses one of these realities they will BE our existence. If we choose to ascend with the planet and progress to 5d or higher we can have ALL those realities (at the same time if we choose) or in fact any existence we wish to experience as long as they are in accordance with the values attributed to an evolved being.

ET / ED Rescue
There has been much channelled information and writings over the years that our Star Family will come and rescue us and carry us to safety as part of the ascension process. Actually there are many craft around our planet and many non physical beings on, in and around our planet all under instruction of the original Creator to create a level playing field as it were.

We have free will so it is up to us as individuals to decide we no longer want an unfair world and to make choices as to who we believe, who we trust, what we want our world to be like. As individuals we obviously cannot take on all authority and those that control them, but we can refuse to trust or believe them, refuse to buy their products refuse to feed them with fear and self doubt. Our Star Family is assisting by disarming some of the unfair tactics and advanced technology that would make it harder for you to make those personal choices.

As far as stepping onto a craft before ascension and total disclosure no way would I even contemplate it or advise it. Gaia is with the assistance of much of this and other Universes making the changes she needs to make without causing any more discomfort to her inhabitants than normal. I do not feel there will be any large catastrophes if we remain calm and focussed on a positive outcome and especially do not believe anything in the mainstream media.

The use of discernment is vitally important in all aspects of your life now, especially in what you see or read. So please use discernment as you read this and see if it rings true in your heart; if it does embrace it and know that you are more in control of you life than you ever thought possible ♥


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