Election Fraud Lawsuit Update & California Theft; Sane Progressive Interview Bob Fitrakis

LInks and Sources, BELOW, Click SHOW MORE:
Interview with Bob Fritakis on Trust Vote/Institute for American Democracy & Election Integrity lawsuits and fraud that has occurred in California and the rest of thttp://trustvote.org/he fifty states throughout the Democratic Presidential Primary election. I had a few tech/sound issues with Googe Hangout at very beginning of interview, so my apologies for any sound pops. Important updates and answers to your questions around the filings!

ELECTION FRAUD BLOG: ALL the information, sources, and links about what was discussed in the is video is compiled on the Blog. Rather than give you fifty links here, please go here, it is organized and compiled by state:
Please go to Trust Vote to DONATE DONATE DONATE to the lawsuit:
You can read about Bob Fitrakis and his bio on his Wikipage:
And, here is the bio of the lead attorney:
Please see my channel library for my entire video library on Election Fraud which documents the debacle that happened in the Democratic 2016 Primary Election since BEFORE Iowa voted:


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