Murder of Environmental Activists Reaches New High ~ TheLipTV

Environmentalist were killed more this year than any other year on record, according to a new report from environmentalist watchdog Global Witness. The report found 185 killings across 16 countries in 2015. Almost 40% of the victims came from indigenous groups who were killed by private security, state forces and contract killers. The report found that the number one cause of violence is conflict over mining, followed by agribusiness, hydroelectric dams and logging. The assassination of Berta Caceres, a Honduran activist and Goldman Environmental Prize winner, made headlines last year when it was speculated that she was murdered in her bed by hitmen. The report has called for urgent action from governments, which have not only been complicit, but are often directly responsible for murdering activists. Joya Mia Italiano, Nik Zecevic and Elliot Hill take a closer look at the increasing attacks on environmentalists on the Lip News.


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