Loretta Lynch To Let FBI Determine Indictment; FBI MUST Report on Clinton Before DNC

In a surprising development, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has stated she will remove herself from the decision process on how to forward with FBI recommendations and follow whatever the Departments recommends. Debbie talks about the implications and why it is imperative the investigation report finds be released BEFORE the DNC in Philly.
Letter from CIA Veteran Officials Demanding Obama Stop Slow Walking Investigation (this letter gives the best summary of why this case is important and why law and not politics determines outcome)
ABC New Report on Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch and the announcement that Lynch will follow FBI recommendations:
Yahoo Front Pages News Article on Russia Possession of Clinton Emails
Wikileaks Assange States Will Release Emails Two Days Prior to Russia Story & Enough to INDICT:
Sane Progressive Video- Server Criminal Investigation with many more links in video description:


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