New Affiliate Programs to help you “PREPARE” for market collapse: *Bullion MARKET ALERT* Silver & Gold SURGES, Numanna NON-GMO food storage and AquaNui Home Distillers

Aloha Everyone!

Precious metals are breaking-out, NOW is the time to prepare for economic collapse and buy before prices soar and/or stocks run-out. As of 6/30/16 at 5:00pm ET silver closed at $19.71, which is the highest spot price I’ve personally seen since I began following the precious metals markets in early 2015.

In order to assist readers in preparing by finding a credible bullion dealer, 2012 The Awakening has partnered with SD Bullion. After much research, they have absolutely the lowest prices on the market for precious metals. Currently they’re offering silver rounds at only 49cents over spot, other bullion dealers typically price silver at approx. $2.50 or more over spot. So with global markets crashing, BUY NOW before supply’s are gone!

Also, in the past I’ve done business with SD Bullion and have been extremely pleased with with the results. I highly recommend their service for fast turn-around, great customer service and the absolute best deals on precious metals in the market place.

In addition, placing your order thru SD Bullion is a great way to support this website!

Also, see links at the bottom for the healthiest storage foods on the market with Numanna, the only manufacturer to offer non-gmo foods with a 25yr shelf life and Flex-pay plan for family’s on a budget. And, AquiNui water distillers to help protect you and your family from harmful contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides and nitrates.

Additionally, I’d also like to thank everyone who’s donated in the past,  thank you for your patronage and support – it’s appreciated more than you can ever know. Times are very tough right now, which has literally been reflected in the lack of donations over the last few months. I recently came to a crossroads in my awareness, where the lack of support from donations caused me to question my ability to continue investing so much time on research, when I’m struggling to survive.

That said, upon the recent advise of a friend, I decided to look at alternative income streams and researched some of the top affiliate programs online for smart, saavy readers who are awake, aware and preparing for the coming storm. Programs which can also help generate streams of income so I can continue this body of work.

Special thanks to to Ken, Tom, Daniela, Juliet, David M., Karen and Steve S. for your support this year…the depth of my gratitude is so large, it cannot be expressed with words.

Please contact me by email if there are problems with the links at  {ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }..

Mahalo nui! Annette



Silver’s 2016 Gains Pass 40%!  With New Silver Bull Market Technically Confirmed, Now May Be the Time to Lock In Prices!

Silver Prices Burst Through Critical Resistance Friday, June 30
Jumping Nearly 7%, Up $1 On the Day,
and Just Pennies From $20/oz..more here:

Get the best deals on clearance items while supplies last at!


NuMANNA The Industry Standard in Storable Food:

  • Standard Buckets are GMO-Free

  • Contain no: Aspartame, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Chemical Preservatives or Soy.

  • No Gluten Buckets contain no Wheat ingredients.

Learn more here:


AquaNui Home Water Distillers

AquaNui home water distillers are made for the family who wants to drink the purest water available. Our made in the U.S.A. stainless steel water distillers for home use are built to last by Pure and Secure. With over 45 years of experience, we offer the best countertop water distiller around. Your AquaNui distiller for water will protect you and your family from harmful contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides and nitrates. In addition to that, it removes bacteria, viruses and any biologicals.
Water Made Wonderful



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