7/5/2016 — Sulfur + Carbon Dioxide Gas from Giant Dome in Northern Canada / Alberta ~ Dutchsinse

This is a full excerpt from the Dutchsinse Earthquake3D live stream July 5, 2016 at 10pm Central Time.


A large emission of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide gas has been detected coming from a very large (230 mile wide) dome formation in the crust of Northern Canada / Alberta (Northeast Alberta).


The large emission of sulfur dioxide indicates either magmatic activity, or burning fossil fuels in the crust (Oil and natural gas).

Forest fires do not produce large emissions of sulfur or Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Normally forest fires produce Carbon MONoxidie gas.

We should only see plumes of Sulfur and CO2 if a subterranean oil deposit is burning, or if magma is rising.

The dome formation is 230 miles across East to West + North to South. The center of the dome is where the location of plume emission is coming from. The rise is about 500-600 feet from the base of the dome to the center on all sides.

The very large emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas was coming off in large blasts towards the center of the dome shape. The CO2 quickly dissipated.. only to be replaced by further thick clouds of CO2 within hours measuring above 500 parts per million.

In addition to large burps of CO2, this location apparently has been emitting sulfur dioxide off and on for at least several months, if not several years as well. The sulfur seems to come and go every few months.

The carbon monoxide is coming from an actual physical fire at the location. The fire could be burning oil below the surface, or the fire may be a result of volcanic activity… those are pretty much the only options which would produce this large of a Sulfur and CO2 emission….. being greater than the combined total of New York City and Los Angeles when it comes to SO2 and CO2.


In addition to this Canada activity, a M4.3 struck off the coast of Oregon, this was forecast to occur, and expected for the past 2 days up to July 5, 2016.


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