WOW: Comey Told Congress Hillary Isn’t ‘Smart Enough’ to Understand Classified Markings ~ TRUTHstreammedia

Note: Divine Comedy Alert!! Seriously, it appears we are living in a cartoon, soooo glad I’m not the only one that finds these hearings hilarious. How can anyone take this “Dog & Pony-show” seriously?? Basically they’re saying the woman running for POTUS isn’t smart enough to recognize “Classified” documents!?! Really??? lmao! It appears they’re attempting to expose Hillary without putting their own necks on the chopping block and becoming just another name on the growing Clinton Body Count list.

I love the narrators commentary below, quite fitting considering the circumstances…

Have a magical week! Blessings, {~A~}


Wow. Just wow. And with a straight face, too.

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