#GoodNewsNextWeek: DuPont Guilty Verdicts Keep Piling Up ~ Media Monarchy

This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: People in pain are putting down pills in favor of pot; another breakthrough take the piss out of the power; and DuPont’s guilty, but their dummy company’s taking the fall in this double-edged story edition of GNNW.

80% Gave Up Prescription Meds For Medical Pot

Big Ag Wants to Sell You GMO Marijuana

Public Urinal Generates Pee Power

GNNW Flashback: Tofu Power and Other “Cool New Alternative Energy Sources” (Jun. 6, 2016)

Glowing Fungi Research Could Lead To Trees Lighting Our Streets

DuPont Liable For Man’s Cancer In Third Case Over Teflon Chemical 😷

PDF: The Outrageous Story of Chemours Creation

Crips, Bloods Come Together in Baton Rouge with Powerful Message — “All Lives Matter”

Top Bullfighter Victor Barrio Gored To Death In The Ring In Spain

Netherlands’ Empty Prisons More Than Black & White

Texas Inmates Break Out Of Jail To Save Life Of Officer Guarding Them

5 Ways That Helping Others Helps You


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