Massive frack well fire spotted from 40,000ft in jet airplane | (video)

Note: Apparently mainstream mockingbird media doesn’t feel this story is worthy of attention because it will hurt their “shareholders investment” in fossil fuels. So it’s up to us to get the word out on this environmental disaster in New Mexico, please share to help raise awareness on the environmentally unsustainable hydraulic fracking industry that’s literally fracturing the ground beneath our feet creating untold problems for future generations.
Mahalo for caring and sharing, blessings {~A~}

JULY 13, 2016: While flying over New Mexico on July 12, 2016 I noticed an unusual large plume to the north, a large fire of some sorts and started taking video because sand typically does not burn and I found it simply put, out of place for a wildfire. It was not a wildfire, a frack well explosion had occurred.…


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