Blog Update: Time-out for dealing with Tropical Storm “Darby”, currently taking aim at Hawaii’s Big Island: Earthkeeper Call-to-Action


Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Wanted to let you know that I’ve been taking time off the last couple days to deal with Tropical Storm Darby heading for the Big Island, which is where I live on the very eastern tip of the island. Looks like we “may” be in for the brunt of the storm.

I’m calling on all Earthkeepers who wish to take action protective for the islands, to help fortify a dome of protection over the island, work on calming the winds, raising barometric pressure and moving the trajectory of the storm to take the path of least resistance past the island. Earlier Darby looked like it might south of the island, now it looks like it could slide toward the north.

NOAA’s current trajectory:

Accuweather interactive satellite:

Where I live we have a forest of mostly dead Ohia trees, the last thing we need are high winds and heavy rains. Currently Civil Defense is closing all coastal beaches and parks, and warning residents tow watch for downed trees and power lines. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, it’s probably because the power went down.

With help from Earthkeepers, I expect the storm will calm down and move southward, sooo much love and gratitude for your service everyone! Will keep you posted after the storm moves past.

Much love,




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