💗 Lion’s gate 💗

By Jason Hine


Photo credit unknown.

Shared with gratitude

‘A storm is gathering outside. The truth is coming, nothing can stop it. You can’t run from it.

You can’t avoid it through watching TV, taking drugs, looking at facebook, working at your job, meditating or doing affirmations.

Your great Self is coming, you can’t hide from it. It will find you, like an expert tracker it will track you whichever way you turn, it will track you through your evasions.

It is the creator of all your difficulties; it organizes and choreographs all your problems in order to get you to recognize your true face, in order to wake you up. It is coming out of the darkness, like a lightning bolt, blazing like the sun, like a God called forth from some immense and chthonic night, the big Self wants to merge with you and show who you really are.

You can’t escape it, so let it in, open your heart, let life in, feel all your feelings, let in your pain, let in your joy. Let it in and allow it to come, it will run through your body like a river.

Let go of mirages, pointless striving, unworthy alliances and lesser dreams. Become one with the Great one, the one you glimpsed as a child, the ancient one who calmly lies at the root of all your greatest and most fantastic dreams.

Fall into the arms of the great Self as if into the arms of a loving elder brother. Climb up onto your throne and put on your crown; claim your sovereignty, with a roar of power rise up into your glory, become the lion that dwells in your heart.



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