999 Meaning September 9-2016 Vortex Open

Numerology Meaning 999

999 vortex

Open Vortex Starts

I do love the way the universe works with coincidences, on the 9th of the 9th 2016 which is in numerology terms 9+9+9 = 27-2+7=9. Starts the beginning movement of the vortex, created by beings outside of our universe. Using the shifts in cosmic energies at this time to open a gateway for star beings to enter our universe. The time has come, human consciousness has shifted enough for the light and truth to reveal itself.

The world is changing, truth and justice are now the prevailing energy we work with. With this in mind, others have always been here helping. Light beings and star seeds working lifetimes for freedom from the dark forces, the shift of human consciousness. A rush of higher light beings including the butterfly children enter earth on and after this date. Some have been working to remove them, hence the rise in toddler deaths lately.

But this cannot be stopped it is too late the energies are already on the move. Most light beings for the last week have been feeling down and upset with a lack of energy. This is the calm before the storm today the 7-7-2016 triggers this event now. Light workers and star seeds will now gain the energy lost as well as double their strength and reserves. The time is now, create, love, seek the truth and absorb the cosmic wave lengths of ascension.

999 Spiritual Meaning

Numbers are in the human consciousness we use them everyday, their vibrations affect us, as we ourselves have instilled the energy in them. The nine although the end of the single digits is also where numerology returns back to one. The nine is a symbol of being at the end or beginning, on top of a mountain, after a huge climb. After enjoying the view and looking back at your achievements ( Mercury went direct on the 29th of July 2016) the next thing to do is climb back down (open vortex). To go back to the beginning, wiser, stronger and rewarded.

A triple nine is thrice the energy of a nine, a universal shift a human collective consciousness shift of spiritual energy. Within the triple nine framework of energies exists the power to achieve the impossible. Going through chaotic times is a sign the nine is striking, after the vortex has done its job on the 27th of September 2016, all settles better and wiser than before. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.




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