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Life is a self fulfilling prophecy.
What you think you become;
What you do is who you are.

Our minds is a computer and every thought is typed out and the Enter key activated and you are on to your next thought.
As you carry on in your thoughts during the day and when you are thoughtless during sleep, the computer still carries on processing your thoughts to materialize them into your reality; those thought are mental creations which will definitely come back as results ( Boomerang effect).

Karma is the balancing of all the thoughts, actions and deeds you have ever done.
As everything must come back into balance eventually, so release karma by being aware of what you are typing onto your screen ( Manage your thoughts) and then pushing ENTER.
So type only good, positive and uplifting things so as to control good things back to you.

Our outer body is the hardware, the structure and it’s purpose is to hold everything together and no matter what it looks like, it doesn’t affect the workings of the software.
It’s just for show, for window dressing or vanity, for you to look good and fit into your environment.

The CPU or central processing unit is your brain; your minds thinking programs are your software which totally makes the operating system work, so one needs to reboot and update already existing software to keep up with development around and to install a design program that works for you and delete old and outdated softwares to create more space for constructive and healthy software programs.

Your modem is your chakras system, it receives and sends out data and your spinal cord is the antenna ( WITH THE STUDY OF YOUR CHAKRAS YOU WILL SEE THE LINK TO YOUR SPIN AND WHY I HAD TO INCLUDE IT HERE) to take the data to you CPU or brain to get processed.

Be aware of what you download and plug into your usb slots to avoid viruses from attacking your software because whatever you take in has an effect on the system.

Take away all unwanted and negative attachment, be it relationships of all kind because they simply take up your battery life.

The delete button is your forgiveness button. Do this to enlighten your super computer which is yourself. As a computer doesn’t keep memories of things it has deleted so you should not hold on to people or things you have forgiven and have forgotten.
Do this to free up your memory for happy stuffs and let the megabytes of bad stuffs go.

Do this things and enter a whole new world.
The WWW world wide web is a world up limited values and so are you and your thoughts.

Only you limit yourself by your belief programs ( conditional beliefs that hasn’t been proven or experienced) and ones you install the right belief programs, nothing is impossible.






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