Waters Of Life: Electromagnetic Fluid Of Existence

Oneness, Love and Harmony, Love all things and you will be set free,
Free from the illusion of separateness.
Go within yourself and develop a complete dedication to understanding the universal laws of all of existence. The dark is within you, and so is the light. Connect them together and you will be right. Your spirit will shine, and the shadows will be cast beyond into the most High. The polarities are inside the sphere of Oneness, And within oneness is all the beautiful, multidimensional universal existences that hold all particles, planets, civilizations and dimensionalities together.

Together as One,
The human consciousness is an integration of both upper and lower dimensional energies, physical AND spiritual, male and female, so fourth and so on. The law of polarity, and the law of equilibrium is universal and if one wishes to evolve spiritually, past the psychic deception, One must become dedicated to serving Oneness, and not separation.

The inner worlds are all within you, and if you want to have control over what happens in the inner worlds, you must wake up to yourself as the Divine Awareness that created all things.
As long as you believe you are purely physical, material and bound to a body, that is what your reality will become. So a large part of transforming separation into unity is simply acknowledging the Truth within your heart.
Within your being,
It is the great key that opens the mysteries, the chamber of secrets, the heart is the singularity vortex structure that magnetically connects you to all things in existence. Separation to unity occurs when you move away from the control of your mind, and dive deep into your being, which is controlled by the heart. The physical and spiritual heart work together, as the universal consciousness is the spiritual heart and the physical heart is the the center of your physical being. Together as One, it is strengthened, It can never be broken. Spirit never breaks, it only transforms. And as we transform on Earth, we will witness the destruction of old

The heart’s frequency, which is the most authentic, intuitive energy that always
guides the soul.
It both receives and transmits, and it can be strengthened like a muscle, both physically and etherically to transmit an even stronger and stable electromagnetic signal that can transmute the environment, heal a sick individual, and magnetically repel negative thought-forms or entities.
It is true. The heart is the greatest secret and power of human beings. It is in the heart that all the dimensions are folded within. It is true that love is the most powerful force in the universe. For it is the force that created you, and brought you into existence, and will continue to guide you through existence.
Love is the emotional quality that will allow for the universal consciousness to work through you and through this world, regardless of the difficulties or problems at hand.
Love has the full multidimensional intelligence that operates in unity, co-operation, and true communication.
Love is the energy that attracts light beings, angels and master extraterrestrial teachers.
Love is the energy that unfolds within your being as electromagnetic radiance, beautiful, rich, colorful spectrum’s rotating, spiraling, vibrating infinitely in a space that never ends.
Love is the energy that gives, and keeps on giving. It even gives to the poor, to the hated, the hater, to all the negative qualities of existence.

Love is the Universal Frequency that allows for a higher informing intelligence to dominate separateness.
Love is the dissolving force to all that is difficult, sticky and dense.
Love is the SOLUTION, that’s why you need to dissolve yourself in it.
AND ONCE YOU DISSOLVE YOURSELF, WHAT REMAINS IS PURE AWARENESS, THAT KEEPS ITSELF GROWING IN AWARENESS DUE TO THE LOVE of itself, being the force that drives that unfolding, growing, evolving creative awareness.






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