Mandela Effect “The Reality of Smoke and Mirrors” Set Your Time Line Now!

Discussion 5 with Robert and Nicole.
In observance of the Mandela Effect if not the million others reason……. Now.
Understand that you are the creator of your timeline. You can see the manipulations of the timelines……and know you have control over your time line.
Do what works in your life. If it does not work try something until it does works. Always stay in love, kindness and hold the time line you are using. If you are in anger and fear you will be directed into a timeline of anger and fear.
Follow the signs your Team is providing you in the physical…
Be aware of what you are creating.
We are in observation of the transformation of Humanity into a higher dimension.
Observes of the Mandela Effect are ones with vision of the mass transformation of consciousness.

Enjoy the grid and the earth shaking Clearing, Healing and Activating energetics…..

Peace Love and Happiness Now
Contact Nicole at MetatronAngel.Com


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