IMPORTANT Blog Update: Hard Drive FAILURE: IMMINENT & The Perfect $$ Storm – URGENT Donation Drive

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying the potent, incoming Lion’s Gate energy’s continuing to pour-in over the next week. Take this time for healing, leave the chaos and rat race behind, unplug and get out in nature to soak up the energy’s. Even better, if you have a tent and a backyard, or even a balcony, try sleeping outside for a few nights. Sleeping outside will help reset your energetic’s, get aligned to elemental energy’s and have you well-grounded in preparation for the upcoming eclipse at the end of August.

After the eclipse it’s liable to get even crazier as we head into the Equinox energy’s. Sept-Oct are when “the system” tends to roll out more chaos and confusion – especially this year with global economic collapse on the horizon and a potentially volatile US election ahead.

So, keep your hands and feet in the car, and seat belts fastened tight…looks like a wild ride ahead! Wooohoo!

Also, it’s important to be mindful that NOW is the time to be Co-Creating and imagining your future timeline. Avoid getting caught up in outer conditions and all “the crazy” unfolding on the global stage, or even in your own backyard. Set your intentions aiming for the highest possible outcome for yourself, and all of humanity knowing that IT IS ALREADY DONE, AND SO IT IS!

In addition , I’d like to take this opportunity to give a BIG SHOUT-OUT, in EXPRESSING SO MUCH GRATITUDE for subscribers Ken, Frannie, Charles, Teresa and William and your commitment to monthly support! I’m honored and humbled by your thoughtfulness and generosity. I’d also like to thank anyone who has donated money in the past. Mahalo nui for your kindness, compassion and generous nature – each and every one of you are truly my inspiration in keeping 2012 The Awakening alive!

It’s always been extremely difficult asking for donations and subscriptions – especially since my core belief is ALL knowledge should be FREE, without a price. So this has been a hard letter to write, but at this point I’m completely out of options. With a failing hard drive, there’s no choice – I have to ask financial assistance to simply to keep publishing.

My computer is literally on it’s last leg. For awhile now I’ve been having numerous problems with crashes and uber-glitches – so bad I’ve renamed my computer “Glitchy”. But, in the last week the problems have gotten worse and the computer has been very difficult to start-up. I’m now getting messages that the hard drive is failing. Bummer! I just checked prices, to have a new hard drive installed is approx $150 with labor.

Unfortunately, this is happening in the midst of the “Perfect Storm” of financial hardships which have been piling up for a couple months, but in the last week or so I’ve literally been buried with expenses from bills & unexpected breakdowns. All of a sudden everything is due or breaking down – all at once. For instance…

Two months behind on paying the internet bill $90 with late fees. My no-contract cell phone payment is is due tomorrow $35.

Last week my dog Precious broke her aerial run – within one week she snapped both lines! Two weeks ago I had just replaced the leash line after she chewed thru the metal cord. Then last week the line that ties to the tree broke in two. She’s only 30lbs, but she’s very strong and when she’s trying to get at a mongoose she puts a lot of stress on the lines and they finally broke.

The ‘yanking’ stress also applies to her harness, which is fraying and will need replaced soon too. Between the aerial run and harness here goes $55…or so. Also, her dog food is almost gone and I’m out of bird seed for the Chickens, Doves and Cardinals. Bam, there goes another $35

In addition to animal supply’s, I’m completely out of supplements $150-200 (depending on sale prices). I’m also treating dental issues and my water flosser broke down – $80. Fire Ants are taking over my house, so the property needs two treatments $150 (I’m allergic to their bites, so this is important). Yard service $75. Then with food, gas and miscellaneous stuff, it’s going to take approx. $1000 or more just to stay afloat in August.

To make ends meet over the last few months, I’ve been taking odd jobs to stay afloat and am looking for part time work since January, but there hasn’t been much available since “jobs” are virtually non-existent on the big island. How bad is it? A friend from the mainland who’s a Master Builder stayed with me in July, he’s extremely talented and can do anything “building related”. He ended up going back home after only two weeks because there was absolutely nothing available in the construction trade. I was quite surprised, figured he could find something in his field to earn a paycheck…

I’m also attempting to earn income streams thru affiliate programs, but have only earned $3.99 after 30 days. So that hasn’t helped covering expenses either.

So, currently this is where things are at with my computer, there are serious start-up issues and I can no longer shut it down at night. So, I’m not sure how long it will keep running before another system failure crash. That said, I’ll leave this post at the top of the page just in case it crashes and I’m no longer able to publish until enough funds are raised to cover repairs – which will be addressed first.  Then, when expenses for August are met, this post will finally come down.

So, that said: From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone in advance who values the “energetic exchange for information/awareness” and answers the call for help by committing to a small monthly sum ($1.11, $3.69 etc), or simply a one time donation thru the link at the top right of the page.

Your generosity and thoughtful nature are deeply appreciated!

Also, to be clear…this call ONLY goes out to people who are financially comfortable and can afford to help. If you’re living on SS or a limited income, please…I ask that you take care of you and your loved ones, I’m confident Spirit will answer the call without anyone having to suffer, or do without – that’s one thing my conscious can’t bear.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out, and for your support. Enjoy the Lion’s Gate energy’s that will continue to pour in over the next week, use them for healing, clearing  and setting your intentions for what you wish to manifest thru the end of the year.

Much love,



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