Divine Harvest by Alison Stormwolf

Sometimes I think backwards;
And some times I think forwards;
sometimes my thinking slays me;
And sometimes I just think Of what a painful process, Or a powerful process,
Or a transformational process, It is to think.
But my thoughts become dis-credited;
And I do not see the ‘ink master’
Who infuses many thoughts in color,
Or sometimes just in black and white;
Sometimes I become entangled In my own lifelines of caring;
I am only human,
and the ocean is so powerful;
Those deep and dark currents, Hard to ride;
But I know my friends are with me,
As I struggle through those weed beds;
For I see their light a shining;
So I know that I am going In the way
my Father wants me to explore………
Some of us will walk on the air;
And some of us will swim the seas;
And some of us will walk the worlds;
Some of us will dream their dreams;
Some of us will ‘just think’; So the Cosmic Master takes us,
As the family that we are; And he shakes us like a tree, To release those hard won windfalls,
As He takes us to His heart.And we share our hard won trophies.
So be yielding to His winds of force;
Be grateful to His storms of transformation,
For little grows under a constant sun,
There is so much beauty in the old tree,
Compared to one whose journey has begun.
Relax, & Surrender To your inner Holy one.

© Alison Stormwolf


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